Indoor Garden Displays – Top 10 Creative Ideas

Top 10 Creative Ways to Display Your Indoor Garden

Indoor garden displays come in all shapes and sizes. And there are only so many clay pots you can stick on a shelf before your indoor garden needs help. A few potted plants here and there are okay. However, finding a new way to display your garden can transform your entire home. Repot them into a new container, move them into a new room, or suspend them from the ceiling. Try something new to give your plants a more interesting home. A dusty old window ledge or a forgotten corner of your living room won’t cut it.

Fairy Garden Indoor Garden Displays

Fairy Garden

Incorporating your indoor plants into a fairy garden can be so much fun. There are many ways to create a magical space with your potted pals. You can buy a unique pot with a fairy garden design. Alternatively, consider adding tiny fairy doors, houses, and other accessories to your existing containers.

And there are many other items you can add to create a whimsical environment, aside from just the ceramic figures. Moss, pebbles, sand, driftwood, seashells, dried flowers… the options are endless. You can purchase small gems inexpensively, and they look amazing in a fairy garden. Try some tiny fairy lights to make your garden come alive in the twilight hours.

Glass Jars


Repotting your plants into clear glass jars creates a gorgeous effect. Plants grow beautifully out the top, and the glass provides a unique view of the roots and soil. However, keep in mind that unless you drill holes in your jars, they won’t drain excess water. Water sparingly to ensure you aren’t drowning your plants and potentially causing root rot. You can use any old jar. Just make sure it’s clean inside, and scrub away glue residue if you peeled a label off your jar.

Hanging Glass Indoor Garden Displays

Hanging Glass Indoor Garden Display

Hanging baskets are an excellent way to display your plants. This is especially true if you’re running low on floor and shelf space. For an even more attractive display, use hanging glass planters for your smaller plants. Tillandsia air plants are an excellent choice for glass planters. They don’t require soil and the base can be filled with any medium, such as gems or small stones. Succulents or other little plants that don’t need much soil will also work well. Alternatively, you can grow your plants hydroponically with glass planters.



It’s easy to find new ways to display your smaller plants, but what about those large trees that are getting bigger than you expected? You can only shove an indoor palm into a corner for so long before it starts letting you know it needs its space. If you have an extra room in your house that gets a lot of sunlight you can transform the space into a conservatory. Move your large plants in, add a few smaller ones in hanging baskets or on side tables, and create your own little indoor greenhouse. You can fill the room with patio furniture to create an exotic type of sitting room, and even suspend a few grow lights from the ceiling if your room doesn’t get enough natural light to to let your jungle thrive.

Indoor Garden Displays for the Bedroom

Bedroom Garden

Many people display their plants in living rooms and kitchens, the spaces where they spend the majority of their day. Growing a large number of plants in your bedroom isn’t something you see too often but it can create a very tranquil and relaxing environment. Not only can they induce a mellow mood, they will also work to purify the air while you sleep. If your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of light, try English ivy, Chinese evergreens, or spider plants, all of which are excellent air purifiers and can thrive in low light environments.. 

Bathroom Garden

Bathroom Garden

Like the bedroom garden, the bathroom garden is a less common space for indoor gardens to be found. However, because this can be such a humid area, it’s an excellent place to grow certain plants and it can create a very tropical type of atmosphere. You’ll need to choose your plants wisely for a bathroom garden because many bathrooms don’t have large windows or much natural sunlight, and while they’re hot during a shower or bath, they can get cooler at night. Snake plants, pothos, orchids, and ferns are excellent choices for a bathroom garden. 

Indoor Garden Bed

Raised Garden Beds

Many backyards have beautiful garden beds lining the outer walls of your home or along the sides of your driveway. Some garden beds are even raised up and contained within a large wooden structure. Why not have this setup inside your home as well? A raised garden bed about waist high is the perfect height to get ample light from most windows and to be able to comfortably water and prune your plants. Rather than housing a single plant, this container can be filled with a variety of different species that can complement each other perfectly, creating a gorgeous display of foliage of flowers.

Living Wall Indoor Garden Displays

Living Wall

Whatever room you put  it in, a living wall completely transforms the space. It immediately fills the place with life, color, and intrigue. You can set up a vertical garden across a full wall, or simply hang a garden box in an empty space to create a living picture. Living walls can be a complicated installation with custom construction and fully automated irrigation, or it can be as simple as hanging a pocketed wall planter and filling it with your favorite leafy plants. Just be sure that wherever you place your living wall your plants are getting ample sunlight or you’re using plants that can thrive in low lighting.

Terrarium Indoor Garden Displays

terrarium indoor garden displays

Terrariums will create an exciting piece of decor within your home. They will also create a wonderfully humid greenhouse environment for your plants. You can use just about anything for a terrarium. For example, you can fill an old fish tank, a lidded glass jar, or a glass end table with plants. For the most elegant home for your plants, you can purchase small, enclosed planters that resemble glass Victorian greenhouses. In addition to your plants, you can accent your terrariums with moss, pebbles, small pieces of driftwood, little figurines.

Upcycled Planter

Upcycled Indoor Garden Displays

You don’t even need pots to give your plants a new home—Upcycle random stuff from around your house to create the most interesting indoor garden displays. You can use old jeans, high heels, rubber boots, wash bins, old toilets, coffee pots, and more. The list of things you could upcycle is endless. Keep in mind that the items should be clean so you don’t contaminate your plant’s soil, and they should have drainage holes. If they don’t, you’ll need to be mindful of how much water you give your plants.

Indoor Garden Displays - The Wrap-up

Every plant lover knows how much fun it can be to grow a garden indoors. But not everyone tries to put a unique spin on how they display their garden. There are so many neat and wacky ways to make your indoor garden more enjoyable. You can try one of these ideas or come up with your own indoor garden displays. When moving or repotting your plants, be sure to think about their space, water, lighting, and temperature needs. Also, consider how any changes might affect them.


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