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Hoya Carnosa: Planting and Care Guide

Hoya Carnosa plants are popular houseplants and a favorite among gift-givers. Hoyas are a favorite due to their deep green, thick, waxy, vining foliage. Hoya plants are commonly referred to as wax plants because of their shiny, waxy leaf appearance. The Hoya Carnosa plant is more than just a greenery …

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What’s Wrong with My Houseplant? How To Save a Dying Plant?

Indoor gardeners face a lot of challenges. Simple ones like what size pot do you should upgrade your plant to now that it has doubled in size to more serious ones that take research to figure out why your plant is starting to die? Figuring out how to save a …

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Low-Maintenance Plants: 15 Houseplants for A Busy Schedule

Indoor plants are quickly neglected in the hustle of hectic schedules and everyday lives. The best house plants are ones that are resilient and prefer a slight bit of neglect or the Low-Maintenance Plants. Green thumbs are not everyone’s cup of tea, which is okay; indoor plants can cater to …

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How To Grow Herbs Indoors Without Sunlight?

Growing herbs indoors can be fun and provide an overcoming sense of accomplishment. Herbs are used every day for medicinal and food preparation purposes. A challenge some people face when growing indoor herbs is the lack of sunlight for optimal growth and potency production. Coincidentally, we have suggestions on rectifying …

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Eco-Friendly Indoor Gardening – Everything You Need to Know

Are you obsessed with loving and tending to indoor plants? Have you mastered keeping them alive and helping them thrive? Now, it’s time to venture into the realm of making your Eco-Friendly Indoor Gardening than they already are. Gardening adds beauty to your home, color to your soul, and peace …

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Myths and Facts About Indoor Palm Tree Care

Are you longing to achieve beachy vibes in your home? Want to be transported to a tropical island from the comfort of your living room? Adding an indoor palm tree can deep dive you into your blissful mental relaxation. When you first imagine a palm tree, the first thing that …

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Indoor Succulent Primer: Everything You Need to Know for Thriving Succulents

Succulents are one of the most popular houseplants to have. Succulents are popular because of their low care requirements. In their natural habitats, succulents can survive in harsh conditions. Their durability makes them relatively simple for even beginners or those with less-than-optimal green thumbs when kept indoors. This article will …

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What Are Aerial Roots, and Should You Cut Them?

Having an indoor garden requires work and is a lot to learn. It is almost as if you are taking care of another living, breathing pet or child. While learning about your plants and discovering the best care methods, you notice your plant starts growing these strange roots above the …

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Indoor Garden Light Requirements by Plant Type

When growing an indoor garden, you need indoor garden lighting, and you have options on how to get light to your plants to help them thrive. If your indoor location is lucky enough to have plenty of natural sunlight, then you are blessed. If you are not so fortunate to …

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All About Thrips and How to Treat Them

Thrips are common pests found in indoor gardens. One or two can quickly become an infestation and severely damage your plants. Treating these annoyances can be difficult, but luckily there are steps to take to try to prevent severe infestations to your indoor plants. What Are Thrips? Thrips are also …

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Indoor Ferns – Your Complete Care Guide

Indoor ferns can be catered to your unique space to show off your personality, arranged around your home in many different ways, from hanging baskets, basic pots, and wall supports. Ferns are known to be one of the oldest groups of plants on Earth. Fossil records date back to 383-393 …

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Plants to Give As Housewarming Gifts

The Best Plants to Give As Housewarming Gifts

Plants are fantastic gifts for housewarming presents. They are unique, add color and elegance to a home, and have many emotional, mental, and physical benefits for people. You stumbled upon this article because you are aware of how incredible plants are, and now you are searching for the best plants …

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