10 Fast-Growing Indoor Plants to Fill Your Space Quickly

10 Fast-Growing Indoor Plants to Fill Your Space Quickly

Indoor plants are a great option to get a beautiful, serene, natural environment inside your home. Typically, indoor plants are easier to grow, and they do not wilt in the absence of proper care. Unlike the outdoor plants, fast growing indoor plants are owner-friendly and low-maintenance. However, some plants take more time to grow than others. Whatever may be the purpose of having indoor plants; be it air purification, ornamental value, or fragrance, the ultimate goal is to choose fast-growing plants that can fill your space quickly and easily.

Fast Growing Indoor Plants For Home, Apartment and Office

We have compiled a list of fast-growing plants which are famous with plant-lovers who aim for green space.


Fast Growing indoor plants - Hibiscus

Hibiscus has two ubiquitous varieties, namely Tropical and Hardy. Tropical is praised for its beauty, but the hardy variety, as the name suggests, can withstand more neglect. Hibiscus tropical plant is famous for its therapeutic uses. Hibiscus tea is the heart-favorite of many people around the world. The beautiful flowers of hibiscus will catch your attention and carry great ornamental significance.

Hardy Hibiscus, unlike the tropical hibiscus, can also withstand cold temperatures. Hibiscus generally grows better in spring and summer but it is an evergreen plant, and it will adorn your house all round year. Hibiscus also has a long life span and continues to flower for months, if you care for it properly. Pro tip is to regularly use high quality mulch in the pot and keep the soil moist.


Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Pothos

If you have a small apartment or workplace that does not receive a lot of direct sunlight, Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) will do the trick for you. This plant not only grows fast but also likes warm and cozy indoors, which means that you will not need to switch its place depending upon the sunlight direction. Under correct conditions, a Pothos plant can easily grow up to a foot or two, within a couple of months.

Pothos have excellent air purification abilities and they can clean the air of formaldehyde and other carbon containing compounds. Since Pothos does not produce ornamental flowers, it may not be your best choice if you love flowers. Otherwise, Pothos produces shiny, green leaves which carry a unique charm of their own. The small-sized plant gives you the flexibility of using a pot or a ceramic plant hanger to observe fast growth.


Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Dieffenbachia

 Dieffenbachia, or Dumb Cane, is another foliage-rich plant on our list of fast growing indoor plants. Fun fact: This plant is traditionally labelled as “Mother-in-law’s tongue,” because it has a toxic sap which cause temporary speech loss if ingested. Thus, you will need to be cautious if there are kids around. Dieffenbachia can grow well in dim-light as well as in bright-light conditions. Use fine mist sprayer to water the plant on regular intervals of dry and moist soil.  Dieffenbachia’s love for humid conditions means that it is a great choice for indoor plants that can be kept in bathroom. It will not only thrive well but will also provide a naturally-pleasing aesthetic in your bathroom.


Fast Growing Indoor Plants - arrowhead

Arrowhead plants grow well in a pot. The heart-shaped green leaves branching out from numerous stems impart a warm and natural aesthetic to any place. The leaves carry a variety of hues, ranging from green-white to burgundy or pink.

The variegated variety of the plant might demand more sunlight but the solid-green variety is usually content with minimal sunlight. It is a low-maintenance plant, so you will not have to go through a lot of trouble while caring for this fast growing indoor plant. Arrowheads have superior air purification abilities and they will leave a lasting pleasant effect on the indoor atmosphere. It is also a moisture-loving plant, so it is better to use a plant mister to moisten the leaves every now and then.

Miniature Roses

Fast Growing Indoor Plants - miniature roses

Rose is the king of flowers and rightfully so. Rose species are famous in every part of the world for their fragrance, their beautiful petal architecture and their quick growth habit. Miniature roses germinate within 2 to 3 weeks, depending upon the variety you use. They are less demanding than their outdoor full-scale siblings. Given their matchless beauty and easy-maintenance, indoor miniature roses are unsurprisingly very close to the heart of every indoor gardener.

Miniature rose plants usually grow up to a foot, so you can use ceramic pots or beautiful wall hanging pots to keep them. They come in as many colorful varieties as one can think of. If you are looking for a specific-colored flower in your space, you should definitely consider growing indoor miniature roses. Miniature roses are slightly higher-maintenance than other plants on this list, given that they require regular watering and bright sunlight.

Ti Leaf

Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Ti Leaf

Ti plants grow pretty quickly if they are kept under optimum conditions. You should be able to grow a moderately-sized plant within a month or two. The leaves of this plant are known for therapeutic uses, and the fragrant flowers will spare you of the need to buy any artificial, synthetic air freshener for your home.


Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Ficus

Ficus rules the world of modern, fast-growing indoor plants. Weeping fig or Ficus looks more like a miniature tree than a plant, so they are eye-charmers for indoor gardeners looking for a unique plant to decorate their space. The evergreen variety is usually grown indoors and it can grow anywhere between 3 to 6 feet tall. It is notorious for shedding its leaves regularly, so you might want to clear the foliage every now and then. A great tip is to use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the fallen leaves.

Lucky Bamboo

Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Lucky Bamboo

When it comes to quick growth, nothing beats bamboo plants. Usually, bamboo plants grow outdoors but some varieties, such as lucky bamboo, can be grown indoors. However, you will want to make sure that the plant gets direct, abundant sunlight as long as possible. In traditional Chinese culture, this plant is known to bring wealth and fortune to the owners.


Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Philodendron

 Philodendron can grow indoors for a considerable period, without any observable damage. However, it is recommended to take them out in direct sunlight every once in a while. This plant should not be overwatered and should be kept in medium light or bright indirect sunlight.

English Ivy

These evergreen perennials love indoors and are famous for their quick growth. They are air purifiers and help in relieving chronic breathing problems. English Ivy can be grown as a vine, besides the option of growing it in pots. If you have sufficient room to grow English Ivy as a vine, consider getting support stakes or a decorative trellis to keep the vine tidy and upright. You will need to trim the plant regularly, because English Ivy is notorious for growing out of its space in a very short time.

Do You Also Have Fast Growing Indoor Plants In Your Space?

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