Recommended Indoor Garden Pest Control Products

What is every indoor gardener’s least favorite thing? Pests! They’re gross, they are annoying, and most importantly, some pests can kill your plants. The recommended indoor garden pest control products here are designed for a variety of pest types. From gnats and aphids to spiders and mites, you’ll find a solution here. Some of our recommended pest control products are for specific pests, and others are for several types. Be sure to read the product literature to make sure you’re getting the one that’s best for your pest issue. Also, always read the warnings on pesticides before using them. Some are not safe around pets and children right away, for example.

“Frogs have it easy, they can eat what bugs them.”


Best Insecticidal Soap
Pest Control

Recommended Insecticidal Soap

Best Neem Oil
Pest Control

Recommended Neem Oil

Best Mite & Aphid
Pest Control

Recommended Mite and Aphid Control

Best All Natural
Pest Control

Recommended All Natural Pest Control

Best Granular
Pest Control

Recommended Granular Pest Control

Best Ultrasonic
Pest Control

Recommended Ultrasonic Pest Control

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