Recommended Indoor Gardening Books

The Indoor Gardening site has tons of quality information about all kinds of indoor gardening topics. From plant care to tool recommendations, and from lighting to watering, and temperature solutions. We try hard to cover every topic indoor gardeners need to make their plants happy. However, there are times when you may need even more in-depth information about an indoor gardening topic. In those cases, our recommended indoor gardening books could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Vetted and reviewed for quality, accurate information, as well as readability, the books on this page are the best of their kind. Whether you’re interested in stepping up your succulent gardening game, starting a hydroponic garden, or just looking for detailed plant information, we’ve got you covered. These recommended indoor gardening books will point you in the right direction. So, start reading and tell us which books are your favorites. We might just add your picks to the list!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

– Dr. Seuss

Best Overall Indoor
Gardening Book

Recommended Overall Indoor Gardening Book

Best Greenhouse
Gardening Book

Recommended Greenhouse Gardening Book

Best Hydroponics
Gardening Book

Recommended Hydroponic Gardening Book

Best Kids’ Indoor
Gardening Book

Recommended Kids Indoor Gardening Book
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Best Propagation
Gardening Book

Recommended Plant Propagating Book

Best Herb Garden
Gardening Book

Recommended Herb Gardening Book

Best Bonsai
Gardening Book

Recommended Bonsai Book

Best Beginners Indoor
Gardening Book

Recommended Gardening for Beginners Book

Best Cacti & Succulent
Gardening Book

Recommended Cacti & Succulent Book

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