Recommended Indoor Garden Kits

Sometimes one of these recommended indoor garden kits is the best solution for your indoor garden. Below, we recommend the best garden kits for a variety of uses. Whether you are interested in creating a kitchen herb garden, fairy garden, or a hydroponic setup, we’ve got you covered. These kits are each vetted and highly recommended for their intended purpose. They are easy to use and perfect for the new indoor gardener or anyone who wants to save time setting up an indoor garden.

Also, most of these recommended indoor garden kits are excellent for children. Get kids involved with indoor gardening at a young age. They will learn the value of nature and appreciate plants more. Additionally, indoor gardening teaches kids responsibility, as they have another life to look after. And it’s not as tragic to lose a plant as a pet. (Although, we do get very sad when we lose a plant…) The kits below are relatively inexpensive as well, so starting a complete indoor garden won’t break the bank! Check out the kits below, and be sure to check back for great additions to the list.

“My relationship to plants becomes closer and closer. They make me quiet; I like to be in their company.”

Peter Zumthor

Best Indoor Flower
Garden Kit

Recommended Indoor Flower Kit

Best Indoor Kids’
Garden Kit

Recommended Kids Garden Kit

Best Indoor Succulent
Garden Kit

Recommended Succulent Growing Kit

Best Indoor Pepper
Garden Kit

Recommended Indoor Pepper Garden Kit

Best Indoor Fairy
Garden Kit

Recommended Fairy Garden Kit

Best Indoor Terrarium
Garden Kit

Recommended Terrarium Kit

Best Indoor Bonsai
Garden Kit

Recommended Bonsai Kit

Best Indoor Herb
Garden Kit

Recommended Herb Garden Kit

Best Indoor Microgreens
Garden Kit

Recommended Microgreens Kit

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And don’t forget to contact us if you have ideas for recommended products. Or, if you are the maker of a quality indoor gardening product, get in touch. We evaluate all submitted products, and we write comprehensive review posts on many. There is never a charge for our indoor gardening product reviews. We only ask that you send us the product for an accurate review. Start the process by contacting us today.

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