Creating a Fairy Garden at Home

Creating a Fairy Garden at Home

Creating a fairy garden is perfect if you love the world of fantasy. Build a little piece of magic inside your home. No matter your age, a fairy garden can be an enjoyable project. For children, fairy gardens are not only fun, they’re also a great way to learn about plants. They learn how to care for plants, thus teaching them the importance of responsibility. What’s more, a fairy garden is a way to stimulate a child’s creative side.

For adults, an indoor fairy garden is also a way to stimulate creativity. Creating a fairy garden at home means there’s always a place to get away from the world. What’s more, they’re a good way to relax and relive what it means to be a child again. Imagine feeling carefree and enchanted by the wonderful world of fairies.

And the best part about having an indoor fairy garden? Once you set it up, you can leave it as it is as a part of your home décor. Or you can add to the decorations and let your fairy garden grow alongside your indoor plants!

Planning Your Fairy Garden

Before you go out and buy the things you need, sit down and plan the fairy garden you want. How big do you want to create the fairy garden? What kind of light and temperature conditions do you have at home? How much space do you have? Answering these questions will help you choose the right materials to create the fairy garden of your dreams.

Aside from the materials, you can also start planning the theme of your garden. Do you want a forest or desert setting? Do you want your fairies to be frolicking with woodland creatures? Or do you want them on an epic journey like a scene out of The Lord of the Rings? It’s important to choose a theme so you can pick plants, figurines, and accessories that complement each other.

Choosing the Right Container

While fairy gardens are often used for outdoor décor, you can just as easily create a fairy garden inside. The first step is choosing the right fairy garden container. You’ll need one large enough to contain the fairy garden you want to create.

Also, keep in mind that you will be watering the plants in your fairy garden. Be sure your container won’t leak excess water onto your floor. Some of the most common container choices are flowerpots or a shallow ceramic dish. You can also use metal buckets or even half wine barrels. Of course, some of these may have drainage holes, so you should place a planter tray beneath them.

Fairy Garden Container

When it comes to choosing a container for your fairy garden, your only limit is your creativity. You can use a single container, or even use multiple pots to create a “fairy garden community.” In fact, multiple containers placed together can create a charming effect. This is especially true if you place small bridges to connect your fairy gardens.

The Best Plants to Use when Creating a Fairy Garden

As with choosing the container for you fairy garden, choosing plant species is only limited by your creativity. You can use most indoor plant species, but using smaller sized plants creates a beautiful illusion. Why? Because they will compliment your fairy garden citizens. One great option is using bonsai trees. After all, they look like miniature trees one would find in a fairy world!

Of course, a fairy garden wouldn’t be complete without splashes of color! Add colorful indoor plants such as polka dot or purple passion plants to give your fairy garden some contrast. Succulents are also a great choice, because many have vibrant colors. Additionally, they come in a wide range of textures and shapes. Some of the most popular choices for succulents for a fairy garden are echeverias and haworthias. You can even add some lithops (living stones)!

Herbs are another great choice for your fairy garden. Mint works beautifully because it has broad leaves and a pleasant smell. Also, consider thyme, which can look like a mini tree.

Finally, add some moss at the bottom of your fairy garden to create the illusion of a forest floor.

Supplies You Need to Create a Fairy Garden

You’ve chosen the container and plants to create a fairy garden. Now you’ll need to get other necessary supplies to finish your fairy garden.

Quality potting soil is an important part of your fairy garden. If you want to have plants that will grow and thrive, don’t skimp here. Your soil will depend on the plants you choose, but most plants will happily grow in all-purpose garden soil. Add some loam or sand to the soil to help it aerate, if your plants require a well-draining soil. Avoid using soil from your backyard, because this soil might contain pathogens that can be harmful to your plants.

You can also invest in miniature gardening tools. While this is not necessary, miniature gardening tools will be helpful when you are arranging your fairy garden. And it can be cumbersome to use regular gardening tools. Plus, it’s just plain adorable to use miniature gardening tools to tend to your fairy garden!

Accessories for Creating a Fairy Garden

Creating a Fairy Garden with figurines

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for: adding the fairies to your garden! You can find fairy and woodland creature figures at gardening stores or online shops, like Amazon. They also sell accessories, such as houses and furniture.

This is where your creativity can really come into play and where you can unleash your inner child. Whether you want a fairy town, a village full of gnomes, or even an epic scene where tiny dragons roam, you can create these miniature worlds in your fairy garden. Over time, you can even create different fairy gardens throughout your home to create a whole fairy world.

Adding some Enchantment

What’s a fairy garden without magic? Adding small lights is a cheap but amazing way to make your fairy garden unique and special. You can find cheap light strings, colored glass buttons, or even fake grass to add to your fairy garden. If you have succulents, you can add sand and even create small tumbleweeds to give a desert-like effect.

Remember, it is the little details that will really bring your fairy garden to life!

A Final Word on Creating a Fairy Garden at Home

An indoor fairy garden is a delightful project for gardeners of any age. They’re easy to create, no matter what level of experience you have with indoor gardening. When starting out, you can begin with just one container that has a few figurines and a couple of plants. Then, slowly add new pots, plants, or accessories over time. Soon, you will have built a unique, stunning fairy garden you’re proud to show off to friends and family!


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