How Indoor Plants Can Help Your Mental and Emotional Health


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It is no secret that plants can help us greatly with our mental and emotional health. What is a secret and not exactly widely known is exactly how and what plants can do for us. Why are plants so useful? Why do we want to have indoor plants? Also, why do we all of a sudden feel better when we have a plant in the same room as us? We are going to talk about that today.

Attention And Memory

The first thing we want to talk about is how plants boost our attention and our memory. It’s even been proven that just having plants in the same room is an all-time patient can actually increase memory and decrease memory loss. People that have been around plants for their whole lives can actually have a better memory than those without. If you have autism, ADHD, or suffering from Alzheimer’s, or any of these, perhaps plants can help. You can just get a plant or two and see if that helps. Get a couple more if it feels like it’s going to help a little more. There have been numerous studies done that these(link to source 1 here)  are the benefits of plants, and nobody’s really sure why, but there are lots of different scientists that have many different theories.

Stress and Anxiety

 Next, we want to talk about how plants can reduce stress and anxiety. So if you are somebody that suffers from anxiety, you work a high-stress sort of job, maybe just having a plant or two around you can really help. Dial that back a little bit, help calm your nerves, and make you feel more comfortable. This can help reduce the stress and anxiety of your employees. And if you work from home, maybe consider moving your office to your plant room. That way your workload is going to be a little bit less and you’re going to feel a lot better.


 Another thing that plants Can do is decrease depression. So if you have the wintertime blues, consider picking up a plant and taking care of it. The reason having a plant can help decrease depression is that it can bring a sense of control and it can increase your serotonin level. When you see new leaves as the result of your daily care and taking care of this plant, it’s a physical and visual representation of everything that you have been working for, and it’s right there for you right away.

If you need constant serotonin and you feel that love and that reward from a plant when it gives you more leaves like that, consider getting fast-growing plants. But if depression is something that’s part of your daily life, plants have definitely been proven to help in multiple cases, and they’re definitely worth taking the time. Maybe just try one or two and see if it works for you.

Creativity, Problem-Solving, And Focus

This next one is the reason why we always, always recommend creative having a plant in their space. It doesn’t matter what type of plant. It’s also really fantastic for children to get into plants because plants have been scientifically proven(link source number 2 here) to increase your creativity, your problem-solving skills, and your focus. You are able to sit down and focus on one single plant, figure out what the problems are with that plant, and you can get creative with the different ways of having them in your home.

You can decorate your spaces with them, and figure out how to solve their problems. Should they climb on a board? Should they climb on a pole? What if you don’t have access to these things? How can you get them a pot when you don’t have a pot? Maybe you’ll use a teapot. There are so many different ways you can get creative with plants and have a lot of fun with plants. So definitely, if you’re a child, if you’re a creative person, if you’re a grown adult that just needs a little bit more fun in your life, give plants a try.

 This next one is a little bit controversial, but we are going to talk about it anyway. Air quality(link source 3 here). Plants can increase air quality and decrease the number of toxins in the air around you. Now, NASA did a study and said that there were specific plants, like a spider plant, for example. That study was taken out of context quite a bit. A lot of people say, just get one plant and it’s going to clean your entire house’s air quality and make everything better. It’s going to purify the air.

That’s not how that works. You have to have a lot of plants. Even this amount of plants in this room is barely picking up everything. A greenhouse number of plants in each room makes a difference. But these plants can still absorb the toxins in the air, provided you’re not constantly making more and more increasing the number of toxins. There are certain plants, like snake plants, that can absorb those toxins for you, and they still do purify the air, just not enough to really make a difference in smaller numbers.

 There is definitely a different feeling when you enter a room with plants in it. Plants are very, very efficient at helping with our emotional and mental health. They can be useful in a lot of different ways. They can encourage us to be creative and energetic. Also, they can help us focus. They can help us lead more productive lives. Just working with plants makes a huge difference in the quality of life for a person. Just having somebody near plants, if you’re in a retirement home or something along those lines, consider putting plants in there because it does make a huge difference as far as quality of life goes. Plants are natural and calming and something t

What everybody should be experiencing on a regular. Hopefully, this inspires someone who may not be in the plants quite yet. To try to pick up a plant and try to learn how to take care of it. Increase your problem-solving and get creative with it and have fun. That’s the most important thing.


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