Lauren Willshire

An avid fan of foliage, Lauren grew up on 10 acres playing in the forest and growing her own food. She now helps people to grow their own planty joy and keep it thriving with all the houseplant information, tips, and tricks she has experienced over the years. As a plant parent, blogger, and video creator she believes that for every person there is a plant that will thrive and that there is always room for growth.

Lauren Willshire

Easiest Ferns to Grow as Houseplants and Ferns to Avoid

Ferns are known to be difficult for plants. They’re known to be incredibly hard to grow. Commonly referred to as picky, diva, plants, and absolutely horrible house plants. The absolute nightmare of all plants “Don’t ever get a fern.” is what they will tell you. But what’s really happening is they’re getting the wrong ferns. …

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Poinsettia care guide

These plants are the most mass-produced plants during the holiday season. They are produced all across the globe for the holiday season. These plants are not just little plants that have bright, colorful foliage that falls off later. These plants are actually flowering bushes that can get up to 10ft tall if we just allow …

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How to care for Pothos

Pothos are very popular because they are very low light friendly and they meet a lot of requirements that make them a very low maintenance easy care plant. Pothos are fantastic for beginners and today we are going to go over the basic care for them. Origin To really learn how to take care of …

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