Lauren Willshire

An avid fan of foliage, Lauren grew up on 10 acres playing in the forest and growing her own food. She now helps people to grow their own planty joy and keep it thriving with all the houseplant information, tips, and tricks she has experienced over the years. As a plant parent, blogger, and video creator she believes that for every person there is a plant that will thrive and that there is always room for growth.

Lauren Willshire

5 Best Low-Light Plants

Low-light plants are an absolute necessity for most plant collectors. The majority of plant parents do not have the ability to have a lot of natural light. They just do not have a lot of windows. If they have windows they are not very large or they are sharing windows with others. Another factor is …

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6 Best Hanging Plants

Hanging plants can be a little bit tricky. Finding plants that work as well as hanging plants is just as difficult. Heat rises and that makes for a lower humidity in hanging plants. Some plants can handle that lower humidity better than others. A lot of plants will dry out too quickly and too often …

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