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Click & Grow is an amazing company striving for sustainability and helping all of us gardeners be able to grow plants much more easily and simply. We are so excited to unbox and try out one of their Smart Gardens Today!

We chose The Smart Garden 9 in white.

They have a Beige and a Gray option also; with a variety of sizes available. Their sizes start with The Smart Garden 3 which only holds 3 pods(plants) and they go all the way up to The Wall Farm which will hold up to 51 pods. Overall, it is a pretty incredible piece of technology. All of these gardens can be placed anywhere indoors that you have room for them. On tables, shelves, and for the larger ones even the floor.

 When our smart garden arrived, the very first thing that we noticed, was that everything was sustainably packaged and it was easy to open. Everything was safe and nestled inside with careful sustainable packaging. We were able to unbox it very easily and set it up quickly and efficiently.

The first task we had to do after unboxing it was to set up the base and the light.

It was a  very simple process to attach the two. It was just 4 little clicks to get everything clicked together.  Then we had a 10,000 lumens expert light to grow our plants with.

 It does say on the packaging that the timer for these particular lights is set for 16 hours. Plug it in when you would like it to start. Generally,  it would be the morning time. This is so that during the day it can run all day and then it will turn off after 16 hours on its own.

This makes plant care completely stress-free and we don’t have to worry about little things like turning plant lights on and off.

 After getting our smart garden all set up all we had to do was select the pods that we would like to grow. The Smart Garden we ordered can hold up to 9 pods. It does come with 9 complimentary pods. They come with lettuce, basil, and tomatoes. The tomatoes can be red or yellow and it automatically comes with The Smart Garden we chose.   We also chose 2 additional pod mixes. They have a variety of pods (over 70 different kinds that you can order.

There is even a little mix for teas as well in case you just wanted a fresh herbal tea garden which is pretty amazing.

We are pretty excited about that one. It was a difficult decision but what we decided to go with today were fruit and vegetables. It contains chili peppers, yellow tomatoes, and wild strawberries.

We also wanted to test out their vibrant flower mix.

They have petunias, black pansies, and Polka Dot Plants (which is actually house plant). So you do not have to grow just fruits and veggies in this system. You can grow anything you want.

 Setting up the pods and the system was really easy. All we had to do was open our pod containers and pop in our little soil pods. With the seeds already premixed all the nutrients needed in there as well little else is needed. So you just pop that into the cups with a humidity dome right over top. The dome is great for seedlings and is going to trap that humidity in there. This will encourage the seeds to sprout. The seeds will sprout and as they get bigger we can remove that humidity dome.

There is an amazing wicking system on the bottom of every single one of these cups.

This is to allow the water from underneath to wick up the proper amount of water. Thus keep the soil just moist enough for these seedlings to grow. Which is really really incredible.

Then this same system could continue to sustain the plant throughout its life. With professional grow lights, perfect nutrients, and automatic watering. This entire system is set up for ease of care. Even if you are a busy parent, you are running around and you do not have time to sustain it on a regular. You do not have to do anything at all. It takes care of it itself. All you have to do is keep on coming back and check in and see how your plants are growing.

 Click & Grow Smart Gardens come with a one-year warranty and they have a sprouting guarantee in case anything does not work or does not sprout the way it’s supposed to. They will definitely get you taken care of.

They also have International shipping which is amazing!

This enables it to be available in a lot of different places for you.  Another thing they have is a little booklet here. With step-by-step instructions on how to do everything and then they have a lot of pro tips towards the back of the booklet.

 Overall, we are very pleased with the smart garden 9.  We will definitely be updating you and let you know how everything goes as it grows. Overall, this was very easy to set up. It was not heavy. The light clicked in a place so easily there was no struggle. We did not have to struggle with directions in order to put it together.

Everything was simple, sleek, modern, basic, and sustainable. For every garden purchase, they plant a tree as well. So, they are adding even more back into the system along with their sustainable packaging, which is something absolutely amazing that not a lot of companies do. We are very impressed by this and now we are also excited to see how these plants grow.

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