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A lot of times you will end up finding a lot of smaller plants that get bigger over time and you have absolutely no idea that they are growing to be that huge. Generally, it doesn’t really say it on the label. However, what if you are specifically looking for a very large plant? Let’s say you have a huge corner of a huge space and you are just trying to create some jungle vibes in your home. What plants would you use?  What if you need a large plant!? Let’s talk about the large plants you can get right away without the wait!



Ficus can actually become huge trees. Akin to the size of walnut trees and oak trees,  they are massive trees when you plant them outside. Inside not so much. This is because they are trees so they need a lot of light. Most of the plants on this list will need a lot of light. If they are tall they are going to need big lights to go with their awesomeness. That is just how it is.

 That’s how Ficus can be absolutely huge. You can get them fairly small though. They can just be just a little stick in a pot or you can get them in like 8″ to 10″ pots. That is usually about to size the people like to get for a statement plant.

Ficus have very thick rubber leaves for the most part. If you get like a fiddle leaf fig (which is also a variety of Ficus) their leaves are a bit thinner. So they will need a little bit more water a little and a bit more regular care.

However, you can get something like a Ficus Audrey where the leaves are thicker and they are actually velvety feeling when they come out. They are all green or can get strawberries and cream Ficus with pinks and creams. There is also a burgundy ficus which creates this beautiful dark foliage. These are all trees mind you, but they come with all different kinds of foliage depending on the vibe that you are going for in your space. So you do not necessarily have to get just a plain green one.  There are a lot of varieties of Ficus out there and they all make fantastic tall indoor plants for you.

Musa Tall Indoor Plant


 Musa is also known as a banana tree. You can actually grow your very own banana tree in your home. They can get huge. The more light you give them, the bigger they are going to get.

They grow these very long stems that reach on up and then you have this giant, green, jungle, foliage just kind of swooping out everywhere from the top. they are really incredible plants.

You can get them in a variety of sizes. They also come in a variety of temperature requirements. So you have to research the specific banana tree plant that is going to work best in your home. It is nice that they are all fairly inexpensive. Also, they are not too hard to find and you can get them fairly large to fill your space. They also grow really quickly. So if you happen to get a small one to fill a space it will definitely do the job.

Bird of Paradise Tall Indoor Plant

Bird of Paradise

Another plant that will grow pretty quickly if it gets enough light, is a bird of paradise. This is also very similar to the banana tree plant. Their leaves are very similar looking depending on the type of bird of paradise that you are getting. They get very huge and they definitely give jungle vibes because of their very big paddle-like green leaves. Absolutely gorgeous plants. Definitely give them a chance if you haven’t already.

One thing to keep in mind though is if you give them enough light they can actually grow flowers too. So, when you are picking the specific variety of Bird of Paradise, you can choose whether you want them to have a very colorful flower that shapes like a bird or with all white flowers. It is a really fabulous combination. There are a few other colors out there as well,  it just depends on what you are going for.

Dracaena Tall Indoor Plant


If you like very drought-tolerant plants choose a Draceana. These plants can handle a little bit of a lower light as well. Unlike the other ones on this list, I think this is pretty much the only plant that would be able to handle a lot of lower light.  Just shove them in a corner and let him do their thing. They grow fairly quickly. 

If you want them to be a little bit bushier, you can always chop them up and they will push out new growth and divide that way. These plants work really great if you have a home that has a kind of terracotta or deserted vibes. This is because they just kind of grow straight up and then they have this big fluffy mound up top that is very ribbon-like.

 Some of them almost look like somebody took a stick and stuck a spider plant on top of it.  Coming in a variety of colors they are just so fun to see and very unique. There are certainly not many other large houseplants that get in that tall, with that look and that vibe.

Because they are so slim you can fit them in a lot of different places. These plants you do not have to worry about them getting really bushy and taking up a whole area. It makes a really nice solitary statement piece for any area.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

This next one though is the exact opposite of what were talking about. Monstera Deliciosa are big. They are bold. They get incredibly tall they get incredibly huge and wide while climbing all over the place. They are very in-your-face plants for sure. Which is fantastic if that is the vibe you are going for.

I have seen leaves up to 2′ wide before. They are really incredible to see. It is also very humbling to stand next to one of these full-grown plants and they’re amazing to have in a home.

 You can get them fairly small for fairly inexpensive. They do grow prolifically so in a couple of short years you would have a plant that can take over your entire corner. Another option because they grow so prolifically is buying them already large. It is inexpensive to find a large plant because they take up so much space.  They are definitely a statement plant for anybody’s space regardless of whether you are a plant collector or not.

When choosing these large plants, keep in mind, they need a lot of light to go with them. Make sure you are researching the sizes and the types of plants before you place them into your home. This way you can ensure that you have the light requirements and you’re able to give them the care that they need. This way they can be successful in your home and bring you so much joy.


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