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Living rooms are normally the center of the home. They’re normally a place for gatherings, a place for friends and family and everybody to come together, a place of openness and comfort at the same time. It can be difficult to find plants that are going to fit with this kind of vibe.

They generally need to be very hardy plants to be able to handle a variety of conditions. There’s just a whole bunch of different things that go on in a living room. It can be incredibly hot, it can be pretty chilly. It just depends. Sometimes there’s a lot of light, and other times there’s not very much light. On top of those different conditions, you do want your living room to look trendy and comfortable for everybody that comes and enters your home. However, at the same time, these plants have to reliably look good all the time. This is why a lot of people struggle to find good plants for a living room. Don’t worry. Today we have compiled the perfect list for you!


These are beautiful plants. They are vining trailing plants or you can have them climb. They go great on shelves, they go great on mantles. Also, they are fantastic hanging in corners. They can handle brighter light or they can handle lower light. They don’t need to be watered very often. Very, easy care, low maintenance plants. The best part, they grow so quickly and you can propagate them. So if you get one, then you’ve you can end up taking a bunch of cuttings from it and grow a whole bunch of others. Then you can have them all around the room, especially if they work well and they grow very quickly for you. So if you get a smaller one and you want it to kind of trail all over the place, it will work just fine for you.

Monstera Deliciosa in Your Living Room

This plant is always trendy. We love Monsteras. They can come in smaller pots and be little heart-shaped, beautiful plants. Then they grow into these big, monstrous, oversized statement plants. You can get them in a variety of sizes. They’re pretty inexpensive. They’re also very easy to care for plants. Water occasionally, and let them climb something if you want them to get bigger. Prune them back if they get too big and you can propagate more of them. Just like with the Pothos, they are very hardy plants. They do like a little bit more light if you happen to have some nice windows, try to stick them by there. If not, you can get a trendy grow light, and put them in a grow lamp or something along those lines.

English Ivy

Ivy is a very traditional-looking plant. It trails, it creeps, and doesn’t need a lot of light. They don’t like to dry out too much. But you can get a self-watering pot if you’re someone who doesn’t like to water their plants too often. They also don’t need a lot of humidity. They look great against brick on mantles. They’re also a very classic plant to have trailing down from bookshelves. You can put them up there with your books. They can handle bright colors or shades of color. Even with black and white minimalist styles. They pop off of pretty much anything because they’re a deep green with a beautiful venation and their new growth comes in a beautiful bright green, which makes everything pop.

Peperomia Obtusifolia

This plant is a very hardy plant. They come in variegated, and nonvariegated. The nonvariegated, all-green version is much easier to take care of though because it doesn’t need as much light. It likes to dry out. These plants’ leaves are thicker, so they don’t need a lot of higher humidity like a lot of other Peperomia. If you would like to make them bushier, then you can just prune them back or you can let them grow wild. Their leaves will get bigger as they grow older and mature so they make for great tabletop plants. You can set them in the middle of your coffee table or kind of around with some books and they look very cute like that.

Bird of Paradise

Speaking of bigger as they get older this next plant is a big statement plant, a bird of paradise. You can start them out small, but they grow very big, very quickly with huge paddle-shaped leaves, all green. Eventually, they can flower. If you give them enough fertilizer, they mature enough and they get enough light, they will bloom. Mainly the leaves themselves are the big statement piece. They’re gorgeous plants that can be a divider in a room. You can have them behind your sofa and kind of separate areas. You can also put them in corners and have them be statement pieces. Also, you can kind of put them in between the chair and the sofa. There are a lot of different things style-wise, that you could do with a big plant of this caliber is the perfect plant for a statement. It is very easy to care for as well. It just likes to be watered all the time and then you’re good to grow


This next plant does not like to be watered all the time. There is a wide variety of Dracaena but they all turn into trees. Generally speaking, they will all give off more of a sparse vibe for you. They will be thinner and more vertical, and then they will have big bushy leaves up top and it’s gorgeous. They always have beautiful coloring and are fantastic for adding a little pop of color and flair. They’re perfect for sitting in various corners or if you want to put them as a divider similar to the bird of paradise. Dracaena can start small on tabletops and shelves, and then they just kind of grow from there as they mature over the years, then you can gradually put them off to the side next to a sofa or something along those lines. They just add depth and texture to any space.

Living room spaces should be comfortable spaces for everybody. They should be a space that you can come in to relax and just enjoy. You don’t have to be stressed. It has been proven scientifically that plants themselves, by just having them in a room with you, can reduce stress. Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on how to incorporate plants into your living space and different ideas of which ones will work better for you in your unique environment and your individual trendy spaces.


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