Best Plants For Showers: How to Transform Your Shower Into A Tropical Oasis


Transform your showers into a beautiful tropical oasis with this list of plants that will thrive in your personal spa. Shower spaces create a unique environment for plants.  Fluctuating temperatures, higher humidity, and varying lighting conditions can be difficult for plants to thrive. We have curated a list of 10 plants that are perfect for any shower space.


Bushy ferns like Boston ferns, Astral gem ferns, and lemon button ferns, are perfect because they can handle fluctuating temps, high humidity, and constant daily watering. Their fronds trailing down or bushing outwards are fantastic for hanging from ceilings or sitting around the shower. They do need light contrary to popular opinion but bathroom grow lights or a window with morning light can be enough.


The ultimate jungle plant with its iconic fenestrated foliage. You can get these plants in their younger small form for smaller spaces. If you have the space in a larger more mature form, it makes for the perfect divider or privacy screen. The smaller versions can be sat around the shower or bathtub and produce relaxing jungle vibes. These plants do need a lot of light to grow so they need to be directly under a strong grow light or in a bathroom with windows, not a dark corner.


Ivy can survive just about anywhere in almost any condition. They are very invasive and grow prolifically when given enough light and humidity. These plants are perfect as trailing plants around the top of your shower space. They look especially wonderful when hanging above a shower head and having the vines trailing down the shower walls to give the feel of paradise. Because they grow so quickly You can have smaller pots of ivy around your shower space and trim them as needed. There are also wide varieties of ivy so you can get deep green foliage to drape around or you can have green and white foliage that adds a little extra elegance. You can also choose between large lush foliage or tiny dainty foliage for your needs.

Peace lily

These plants are similar to ferns in that they have bushy foliage and enjoy their water. They produce unique white blooms and can thrive in low light as long as they have humidity. It is very difficult to overwater these plants and some people even grow their peace lilies directly in water. Peace lilies are perfect for in and around shower spaces because they create a lush green environment with minimal requirements. Their one weakness is that if the water is too hard or has a lot of chemicals they can develop crispy tips. These can easily be pruned regularly without harming the plant or stopping new growth.

Bird of Paradise

If you have a very large shower space and need coverage or a divider of sorts this is the bathroom plant for you. These plants are generally available starting at 1ft tall and only get bigger from there. The large green paddle-like foliage is the epitome of a jungle oasis and looks amazing in any shower space. These plants love water and naturally live pretty close to the water in nature. They enjoy humidity and a well-draining soil mix along with lots of light. Like Monstera Bird of Paradise enjoys being right by a window getting as much light as possible or directly under grow lights.


With green paddle-like foliage and stunning blooms in various colors. Orchids add a touch of delicacy and wonder to your shower space. There are 25,000 species available so you could fill your entire space with just orchids. And still do not have two of the same. Orchids are an opportunity to bring a comfortable elegant feel to a shower space and come in larger forms or tiny forms. They can fit almost anywhere in your space and because they are epiphytic they can be displayed in numerous ways. They do not need soil. Just a mix of sphagnum moss and bark. Orchids can be displayed in bowls, Vases, hanging baskets, or planters, and even mounted to hang on the wall and have their blooms displayed beautifully to create a unique relaxing space.


The easiest plant on the list to grow, Pothos produces lush green foliage. That grows bigger if it’s allowed to climb and smaller if allowed to trail. This plant is easy to train to grow how you want and can easily be placed around your tub or shower space anywhere you wish. They look amazing vining up or down shower walls and around bathtub edges. They can live directly in water and love humidity but thrive when they have a well-draining mix for daily watering. You could also use hanging planters with leca. Pothos are not particular and do not need very much light either. As long as they get watered occasionally they will be fine and can be lush and full for you elevating your space with its tropical foliage.

Lucky bamboo

Not a bamboo but a Dracaena these plants are hearty. Lucky Bamboo can grow up to 3ft high and produce green foliage more towards the top of a long bamboo-like stalk. They can grow in very little light and do not need soil. Most Lucky bamboo is sold in some type of rocks or pon. They are generally placed in Vases or taller thinner pots. Lucky Bamboo is an easy way to bring greenery to smaller low-light spaces. You can have one statement plant or many. And they can be placed anywhere you need vertical greenery to produce that tropical spa-like feeling.


Like Pothos these plants can trail or climb and the size of their foliage will change depending on what you do. You can also heavily prune Syngonium to keep them as a vertical bush in a pot around your tub space or on shelves. They can also be stunning trailing around or in shower spaces and shelving. They look amazing climbing up the walls too. Syngonium is not very picky with its potting media. But generally prefers a well-draining mix if they are going to be watered regularly. People have grown them in just vases of water long term as well but they will need additional nutrients in order to thrive. Syngonium does not need very much light and can remain green and beautiful even in low light. They come in many whites, pinks, and greens but if not given enough light the green will become the prominent color.


These are the tiny humidity-loving plants that add a pop of color to any space. They come in many shades of green, white, pink, and red. The more light they have the more vibrant the color and compact the plant. These little plants are great for smaller spaces. Tucked onto shelves and decorative pots next to essentials like towels these plants can elevate a space and add small touches of life and color.

With plants for every lighting condition and in various sizes and growth patterns this list should enable you to mix and match to create the perfect shower oasis you can enjoy every day. There is no better feeling than having a space that brings inner peace, joy, and those tropical spa feelings.


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