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What to get that houseplant lover that has everything? What to get that beginner houseplant collector who just knows that the green foliage brings them joy? We compiled the perfect list for any plant lover and you don’t have to deep dive into the plant collecting hobby to figure out what to get your friend, spouse, or family member. We keep it simple and easy with our list.

1. Houseplant Pots 

Most houseplants do not come with cute pots. They have ugly flimsy plastic nursery pots and plant parents never have enough pottery. The choice of pottery available can be very overwhelming. A good neutral pot like this one

Works really well in any decor or home and is big enough to fit most standard-sized plants.  Animal Planters and Head Planters are also very popular this year so if your person has a favorite color or animal those can be a great choice as well.

2. Houseplants for the Plant lovers is an amazing company that provides high-quality plants at an affordable price and what we love most is that they even provide care guides for each plant. Perfect for beginners or if you are trying to select a plant for someone you can go off their care requirements. If your personal lives in a very sunny home then they might enjoy plants that are like a highlight. If your person is an office dweller then they would enjoy low-light plants such as snake plants. Regardless it is nice to have all the information available without having to research every single one. The 30-day guarantee is pretty comforting as well.

3. Plant wearables

Plant people love planty of t-shirts, mugs, socks, and blankets. A sweatshirt is always a great gift as well. Anything that can be comfy while being planty is perfect. There are a plethora of designs to choose from. A word of warning…the plant puns are endless. There really is no wrong choice here. What really makes these perfect is when you can personalize the name on the item like with this Tumbler.

4. Plant-related crafty items

If it can be made and it’s plant-related then your crafty plant person will love it. Plant puzzles can be so fun to make and make absolutely beautiful plant room decor when glued together. Coloring books are an amazing fun gift to a plant enthusiast of any age. However, if your person does not enjoy coloring or puzzles perhaps they would enjoy making felted succulent terrariums. They are so much fun to craft and can make a wonderful customized addition to any plant lover’s home.

5. Houseplant books for the plant lovers

Books are always fantastic gifts! Even if someone does not enjoy reading they can still find books useful for care information, decor inspiration, craft ideas, or even just for beautiful plant pictures. Houseplant Care for beginners is perfect for those care tips. These plants made from paper look incredibly realistic and this book has the most beautiful succulents to look at.

6. Propagation station for the plant lovers

Every plant parent wants a stylish way to grow more plants. Metal and glass propagation stations like this one are very popular at the moment but wood and glass stations like this one are timeless. It just depends on what you think your person would enjoy more.

7. Click and Grow Smart Garden

A smart garden is a perfect gift for anyone who wants low-maintenance plants grown right in their home. They can grow lettuce and herbs. Strawberries and tomatoes grow really well in a home with a click and grow. These smart gardens can even grow houseplants from seeds. If you only know they like to grow things a smart garden would be perfect.

8. Houseplant planner

Houseplant planners are a perfect gift, especially for those December and January Birthdays or adhd family members. We do have an entire article on houseplant planners here to help you out with choosing one. This has been our most popular one.

9. Trellis and Moss Poles

These can help a plant be more stylish vertically like this or have a practical application by helping a plant to mature and climb. For a duel purpose, this stacking clear Moss pole can look great while helping that plant grow upwards.

10. Re-potting Mat

Repotting mats are very helpful and stylish! A repotting mat allows a plant person to repot their plants anywhere safely with easy clean up. This contains any soil mess and allows for plants to be separated while providing a surface that can just be wiped or sprayed clean. They are very easy to use and available in a wide variety of colors. We like this green one for gifting and it is nice that it comes with some repotting tools because pro plant lovers never have enough repotting tools and beginner plant parents might not have any at all

Gifting to plant parents does not have to be difficult. The hardest part is narrowing down the options. Hopefully, this article helped you do that. Your person is sure to love any of these regardless of their style and skill level. Happy Gifting.


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