8 Indoor Garden Kits for Kids

8 Indoor Garden Kits for Kids

Garden kits for kids are a great way to teach about plants and what they require to live and grow. Giving kids their own indoor garden to look after also teaches them about caring for another life. And it helps them understand the responsibility that comes with it. Plus, taking care of your own garden when you’re a kid is just a ton of fun. It’s exciting to see a seed sprout leaves, grow into a full plant, and know you helped it get there.

Dan & Darci Paint and Plant Flower Growing Kit

Indoor Garden Kit for Kids

The first of our garden kits for kids combines the fun of gardening with the creativity of painting. The Paint and Plant Flower Growing Kit comes with paints, brushes, and little signs for painting. Kids will have a blast painting the metal container and wooden plant markers. Then they will enjoy the thrill of planting real, live flowers from the provided seeds.

The kit comes with seeds for Marigold, Cosmos, and Zinnia flowers. All are vibrant and have great scents, so the finished product is fabulous. The tin planter is 12″ x 4.5″ x 4″ and includes a plastic liner. Seeds and soil are also included. Plus, the kit comes with a shovel, watering bottle, and full-color instruction booklet. Additionally, this kit has been evaluated by STEM.org and has been authenticated to meet the highest standards of STEM learning.

Creativity for Kids Plant Pizza Garden Kit

Creativity for Kids Plant a Pizza Garden - Indoor Herb Garden Kit

The Creativity for Kids Plant Pizza Garden Kit is fun package for kids to learn how to grow a garden. The design of the garden consists of a chipboard pizza tray and 4 plastic planter trays. Kids can decorate the trays with a ton of included various “topping” and crust stickers. You’ll receive potting mix and enough seeds to grow basil, tomatoes, oregano, and peppers. A soil scoop, plant mister, instructions, and pizza recipe are included. So, you’ll have everything you need to go from seed to fully grown ingredients within this kit.

Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

Creativity for Kids Indoor Garden Kit Fairy garden

Another of many fun indoor garden kits for kids, by Creativity for Kids, is the Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit. It includes a flower-shaped potting dish, enchanted flower house, toadstools, fairy figure, gemstones, butterflies, paint, potting mix, and seeds. The potting dish, flower house, and toadstools are all paintable. Your child can use their own creativity to make this garden environment something of their very own design.

The magic bean and wheat grass seeds just need to be added to the potting soil and watered regularly. Then, you can watch them grow into a tiny forest that will surround your fairy garden. The gemstones, flowers, and butterflies can be used to accent your garden with a dash of magical fairyland beauty.

Toysmith Deluxe Root Viewer

The Toysmith Deluxe Root Viewer is another of the awesome garden kits for kids available. It will allow your child to plant, nurture, and observe the growth of radishes, carrots, and green onions. The transparent planter allows them to watch how the roots extend through the soil and how the vegetables grow underground. There are enough seeds for several planting in this kit as well as instructions that will help you get started.

Advanced Play My Fairy Garden Kits for Kids

For the youngest of gardening enthusiasts, the Advanced Play My Fairy Garden Kit is as educational as it is adorable. The planter is a magical fairy garden cottage that stands 17 inches high. You can put your fairy cottage together with the moving doors, streetlights, umbrella table, and chairs that are included. Then add your soil and seeds to get your fairy garden growing. The cottage also plays music and lights up, making it even more magical for your child. A shovel, trowel, toy rake, and watering can also come in the kit. These kid-sized tools make this garden both fun and engaging.

HSP Nature Toys 162 Root-Vue Farm Kit

Gardening activities for kids with gardening kits

This Root-Vue Farm Kit will allow children to grow carrots, radishes, and onions in a transparent planter. They can observe the plant growth from both above and below the soil line. Included in this kit is the planting box and a basin with a drainage reservoir. Plus, you’ll get grow mix, plant identification labels, root markers, a growing chart, and 3 packs of seeds. 

A booklet is included to help your child record their planting and growing observations. This encourages an educational approach to gardening and plant growth.

Sow Much Fun Mini Garden Kit for Kids

Garden Kit for Kids

The Sow Much Fun Mini Garden Kits for kids are something any kid will love. Self-watering planters take the guesswork out of when and how much to water. Just fill the reservoir with water, then check periodically to see if more water is needed. Also, detailed instructions with pictures make it really simple. The planter’s compact size (4” wide x 3.5” high) makes them perfect for growing on any windowsill. 

Organic Garden Kit for Kids

Children’s Organic Garden Kit

This organic garden kit for kids is ideal for children who want to learn about looking after an indoor garden. It will also teach them how a greenhouse works. Seeds for sugar snap peas, mini pumpkins, corn, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers are included. So, your child can grow a full garden of vegetables to eat and enjoy once their crop is harvested. 

This kit also includes plant ID tags, detailed growing information, planting tips, and 12 peat pellets. The high-domed greenhouse lid provides enough growing space to let your veggies grow to their full potential. All within a warm and moist environment.

Children are curious about life, growth, and how things work. Allowing them to be in control of their own indoor garden will provide some knowledge of how nature works. Additionally, it may inspire more curiosity about gardening, plant life, and biology. Tending to a garden of their own can help to nurture kids’ sense of responsibility. It will also provide them with the feelings of pride and joy that will come with admiring the fruits of their labor.


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