7 Indoor Gardening Activities for Kids

7 Indoor Gardening Activities for Kids

Gardening activities for kids are a great way to introduce children to nature. Rain or shine, warm weather or cold, gardening indoors is always fun. And it can be done during any time of the year. Indoor gardening activities are a great way to keep kids occupied, while allowing them to learn about plants and biology. The next time you want to share your passion for gardening with your kids, try one of these activities together. You’ll all have fun, and you’ll add a little more greenery to your home.

Gardening Activities for Kids Using Indoor Garden Kits

Gardening activities for kids with gardening kits

Indoor garden kits are always so exciting to set up, even the ones that are intended for adults. There are tons of indoor garden kits for kids out there that will keep your little apprentice gardeners engaged. Some kits supply you with everything you need to grow your own pizza party ingredients. Others walk you through setting up a fairy garden. Still others will really break down the life cycle behind the plants being grown. There are different indoor garden kits for kids that can suit any type of interest or age level.

Create a Cactus or Succulent Garden

Gardening Activities for Kids with Indoor Cactus Garden

It’s no surprise that kids always seem to love cacti and succulents. They come in every shape and size. They can look beautiful or completely wacky, and they’re so easy to care for. You can put together a cactus and succulent garden with your kids easily. Pick out a container for the plants and purchase some cacti or succulents. Then, arranging a nice home for them with cactus soil, pebbles, and desert themed accents. If your kids have any little plastic desert animals, their cactus garden will make a wonderful new home for them. Alternatively, consider a cactus and succulent kit with everything included!

Because cacti and succulents are so easy to take care of, they make excellent gardening activities for kids. And letting your child be in charge of their garden’s care can teach them about responsibility. Best of all, it teaches without overwhelming them with too many complicated care techniques. Plus, these plants are typically drought tolerant. So, if you forget to water them for a while, it’s won’t kill your garden.

Gardening Activities for Kids with a Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Even for adults, fairy gardens can be one of the most fun and interesting indoor gardening activities. The selection of accessories available for fairy gardens is vast. So, you can make your own fairy garden universe if you want to. Help your child pick out delicate-looking herbs and plants and select some fairy friends to live in the garden. Then be sure to supply your fairy with a few benches or toadstools to lounge on. This can be a whole day of fun unto itself.

Pot your small plants into the container you’ve selected and add a little bit of moss and some interesting stones. Then encourage your child to check in on their fairy garden every day. They’ll want to ensure it’s getting all the sun and water it needs.

Build a Terrarium


Like a cactus garden or a fairy garden, putting together a terrarium is simple and exciting. Use any enclosed container, such as a fishbowl, a mason jar, or any old, large vase. You can put anything you like in your terrarium. Consider gravel, moss, driftwood, plastic dinosaurs… your child’s imagination is the limit. You can even go completely soil free if you’d like and get some Ionantha Tillandsia air plants for your garden.

Regrow Vegetables with Scraps

Regrow Vegetables from Scraps

Teach your child about recycling by learning how to regrow new vegetables using just the scraps of old veggies. You can regrow so many kinds of vegetables. The leafy green ones, like lettuce and celery, are especially easy. Simply take the stump, place it in water, and wait for new stems and leaves to sprout. Once you’ve got some new growth happening, plant the stump in soil, and place it in a sunny area. Kids are usually impressed when they see new life growing from something they had assumed was bound for the trashcan.

Gardening Activities with Kids: Decorate Plant Pots

Gardening Activities for Kids: Painting a Plant Pot

Terracotta pots are inexpensive, easy to find, and perfect for painting, decorating, and making your own custom garden decor. You can even use old terracotta pots you’ve had sitting around in the garden. Just be sure to give them a good wash in warm, soapy water before getting to work.

Any water based acrylic paints will work to customize your terracotta plant pots. You can paint them with a brush, a foam roller, or use stencils to create letters and awesome designs. Try accents like glitter and stick-on gems to give your pots some extra pizzazz. Once your work is complete and fully dry, spray on a coat of clear, water-based acrylic sealant on the pots. This will keep your masterpiece waterproof and chip-resistant.

Start a Seedling Greenhouse

Seedling Tray

Growing seedlings in your own mini greenhouse is a great way to teach children a range of lessons about plants. These include greenhouse conditions, how weather can affect seeds and crops, and how to optimize growth. Use any jar and clear plastic lid, or plastic wrap to create a warm and humid environment for your seeds. This exercise can be used to discuss the similarities to greenhouse growing on a larger scale. You can talk with your child about the different environments that certain plants need to thrive.

To start your seedling greenhouse, choose a container to grow your seeds in, such as a seedling tray. Fill the cells with soil and press the seeds gently into the soil. You can use a heating mat under the seed tray to speed up the germination time. Cover your tray with a plastic lid or wrap, leaving a few inches of space between the plastic and soil. Mist the soil gently with water when it starts to get a little bit dry. If the environment is getting too moist, lift the plastic to let some heat and moisture escape.

Gardening Activities with Kids - Watch Them Grow

Coming up with new indoor gardening activities for your kids is a great way to teach them about plants and nature. It will inspire an appreciation for gardening and allow you to spend time with them sharing what you love. What’s great about gardening activities is that the fun doesn’t end once the planting is complete. Your kids get to care for the new plants, watch them grow, and feel the pride that comes with seeing something you put into the ground grow into a strong, healthy organism.


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