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Houseplants for a Cold Home. Most indoor plants are actually tropical plants. They come from a warm hot and humid climate therefore they are not going to survive in those cooler temperatures. There are a lot of homes out there that just do not get that warm, there are specific rooms that stay cold, or there are specific homes where it’s a health hazard for the person living there for it to be so hot. So in order to accommodate those particular circumstances, we wanted to give a list of plants that can survive in a cooler environment for you.



First up we have ferns. There are lots of ferns out there. Especially once they grow in the Pacific Northwest, in particular Boston Ferns. There’s a lot of sword ferns out there.  Kimberly Ferns are really really great for surviving in those cooler temperatures. You can also check out Tree Ferns. They even survive in snowy climates so it works out really well. Astral Gem Ferns and Maidenhair Ferns are another one that grow up north for you that may work really well in this type of environment.

 A lot of these ferns will prefer to stay moist and humid. Most will prefer to stay within the temperatures of about 40゚ to about 80゚F so this is kind of the temperature room for you to play around in. There are some that can handle even colder tempatures if you need though. If you have a particular cooler room or a cooler home then one of these ferns might work out really really well for you.

Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and Succulents

A lot of deserts and dry areas get incredibly cold at night making these types of plants very cold tolerant. Even though they come from a hot environment it’s a hot dry environment and it gets very very cold without that extra humidity insulation at night. So they can handle these cooler temperatures really well and a lot of them will overwinter or even be frost tolerant.

 Hens and Chicks in particular and the majority of Cacti can handle those cooler temperatures. They are not necessarily all going to be able to handle frost temperatures but they can definitely handle cooler temperatures in your home.  The only thing they ask of you is sunlight. They need a lot a lot of light so if you do have a cooler home just make sure that you give them a lot of light in order for them to be able to process and still live.

Norfolk Island Pines Houseplants for a cold room

Norfolk Island Pines

These types of trees do not need a lot of light for a tree but they definitely need quite a bit of light. You can go down to 35゚ in temperature or so.  They do prefer a warmer climate if possible but they can withstand the cooler temperatures and if you keep them around 65 to 70゚ they will definitely be thriving for you.

You come from a small island down South and they are naturally tropical. They do prefer that higher humidity but they are one of those plants that get very big, very majestic and they can handle the cooler temperatures. You cannot handle a frost but they can definitely handle the cooler temperatures in a cooler room for you.  They do not have to have a super warm room like something along the lines of a Calathea would have as a tropical plant.

They are definitely a very  unique plant and one of the very few trees that can thrive indoors and we definitely wanted to include that on this list for you

Pothos Houseplants for a cold room


Also known as Epipremnum Aureum, Pothos leaves get big and bushy. They don’t need a lot of light and they don’t need a lot of attention. They can handle cooler temperatures but again these plants cannot handle a frost very well.  You will lose foliage but they have been known to make a comeback and they will still grow in cooler temperatures despite being from a tropical climate.

They are a very unique and very hearty plants and if you have a room that is along the lines of 65゚ this plant will still be OK and it will still grow for you. Definitely make sure that you are giving it more light and less watering if you are keeping it in a cooler room though to prevent rot.

Dracaena Houseplants for a cold room


Draceana come in a variety of forms they can be Snake Plants, Draceana Marginata, or they can be Lucky Bamboo. These plants do not need a lot of attention. They do not need a lot of light. They just want to grow. If you give them warmth and humidity they will grow more quickly and if you give them cooler and darker temperatures than they will grow more slowly. They can definitely withstand being in a cooler room though and they will still continue to be alive and grow for you.

Moss Houseplants for a cold room


Moss that needs a high humidity environment. They do not necessarily need a lot of light but they need more than no light. So do not take these and put them in some dark area. Moss generally prefers a terrarium environment but they can handle very cold even frost-covered temperatures.

 If you are trying to bring some green into a very cold room if you have a room where you like to turn all of the heat off and it can get freezing temperatures at night then this plant will be able to survive that for you but still be green and beautiful.

It will not grow very quickly for you. So it will not need a lot of maintenance. You just need to place it in some type of a terrarium environment and place that in the room and it will grow and stay green for you. It may need trimmings about every 6 months to a year. Just a little bit of a trim and then continue on your merry way. They are by far the easiest plant on our list.

This is by no means an all-encompassing list. There are definitely a lot of cold hearty plants out there that would do really well in a home. This is just a list to kind of get you started on that path and if you live in a cooler temperature home and don’t have the environment for a tropical plant you can still bring these big beautiful green babies into your home.

6 Plants for Cold Homes

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