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What better way to give your home a touch of green than having a beautiful and healthy house plant? House plants can keep you happier, and healthier and improve your living space. Because plants have become so popular these last few years there are now many wonderful places to easily get beautiful, thriving plants. Regardless of your decor style or your plant-growing skills, these are some places where you can easily find luscious indoor plants for your space.


 Shopping for plants online can be intimidating and overwhelming. It does not have to be tough. Shopping for plants online can be easy. The only thing you need is a little bit of knowledge and a great way to shop for plants online. Here are some of our favorite places to shop online for plants!


 Our absolute favorite online shop! Plance.co is a wonderful place to shop for beginner plant parents! Great prices for great sizes of plants. They also include free shipping on all their orders. Our favorite thing about shopping with them is that they include the history of the plants and where they originated from. Along with care tips and if the plants are pet safe. One of the most difficult parts of online shopping is determining if a plant will work in a space and plance.co is very helpful in this by providing all the necessary information!


A very easy choice with thousands of options. Amazon is a very safe place to try out new shops and has plants delivered quickly. Plant shopping can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to find what you are looking for. Amazon has great searchability for specific plants and bundles of plants for projects. Not only can you buy an extensive selection of houseplants, but you can also find gardening supplies such as pots and lighting that will help keep your new indoor jungle looking its best.


If you like to support smaller businesses and local shops Etsy is the place for you! Etsy has a wide selection of ever-changing plants available from home shops and plant nurseries. There are many less expensive options available including smaller plants and cuttings of plants you can root yourself. There is also a large selection of specialty plants. Some examples would be shops dedicated to carnivorous plants or shops dedicated to only terrarium plants. You can also find many shops with specialty soil and artisanal pottery to elevate your growing experience.

-Online or In Person

Sometimes you just want to browse or you need a plant fix after battling the grocery isles and getting necessities. Big Box Stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Various Grocery Stores usually have a plant section. It does vary from store to store so you may have to travel around a bit to find a plant that you like or if you are looking for a specific deal on a specific plant. This can be a great place to find clearance plants or smaller plants with decorative pots.

You can also sometimes order specific plants from them online for a little more money if you have your heart set on a specific plant exclusive to them.

-Local to you-

Shopping locally is one of the best things and can lead to some amazing deals and plant finds.

Local Nurseries

Local Nurseries may have a selection you can’t find anywhere else. If you are struggling to find plants that naturally thrive in your area or physically want to see a new type of plant then local Nurseries are perfect for you. Another benefit to local Nurseries is they may have plants that were popular a season or two ago but are no longer available on the market. Nurseries can also have other resources like repotting services, pruning services, plant care tips, and workshops for new plant parents, and can be a place to meet other plant parents. Local Nurseries are a valuable resource for more than just plant shopping. Even if you prefer to shop for plants online it can be worth the time to visit your local nursery.

Facebook (marketplace, buy-sell and trade groups, and local recycling groups)

If you enjoy project plants, growing from seeds, huge old plants, plant trades, and finding other plant people locally then Facebook can be a great resource for you. There are many plant groups with plants being sold on Facebook. There is less accountability though and a lot of these purchases can be a bit of a gamble. Make sure you get pictures and there is clear communication of expectations. Be safe when meeting strangers and have fun finding kind plant finds while meeting new people!

Plant Shopping can be an exhilarating experience filled with fun and exciting new plants to enhance your space and your growing skills. There is no better feeling than bringing home a new plant and watching it transform your home as it grows. Plant shopping does not have to be complicated or worrisome and you don’t even have to leave your home or routine to find amazing plants!


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