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Monstera has taken the house plant world by storm! They are very popular with a very iconic leaf shape and everybody wants one! Everyone loves one variety of Monstera but there are a whole bunch of different kinds of Monstera out there to know and love. So, we are going to narrow it down today to just 5 that everybody should try at some point or another in their houseplant-collecting adventure!

Monstera Deliciosa

With the iconic fenestrated leaves and super huge very jungle vibes, they are the go-to house plant leaf. Pretty much any type of print out there for tropical jungle or houseplant vibes is going to have a Monstera Deliciosa leaf.  They are amazing plants because they can grow very quickly and transform so much as they mature. They will go from these little baby heart-shaped leaves all the way up to these giant fenestrated monstrosities that can be up to 2′ wide! It is incredible! You definitely need one! Just place it in the corner of your living room. Let it live its best life and give it as much light as possible. Water occasionally and they are good to go. Very easy care.

Monstera Peru

 The leaves are very dark with a deep green. They have a reptilian vibe going on with them almost like a dragon scale in look and texture. Anybody that loves fantasy or nerdy stuff is going to fall in love with these leaves. They also have a very thick, rough, texture to their foliage that just adds an extra dimension to it. It is amazing to watch these grow. They can climb or vine over. Either way, they are going to look amazing. Very easy care just like a Monstera Deliciosa.

Monstera adansonii

If you like fenestrations on the Monster Deliciosa then you will love this plant. The Monstera Adansonii is a thinner more arrow-shaped version of that plant. Their leaves get very huge and even more spear-like as they get older and more mature. Especially, as they get a chance to climb and they will get more fenestrations.

On the foliage, you will see a lot of fenestrations that almost look like they have little holes all over their leaves. Lots of people love the look and many others hate it. It just depends. Either way, it is a very iconic foliage look that everybody needs to experience in their home.  This is definitely a plant that you can not appreciate just from pictures. You have to be able to feel the thinness of the leaves and see the delicateness of all of the fenestrations in the foliage in order to truly appreciate it. Definitely check it out in person before you say no. Pictures do not do this plant justice.

Monstera Dubia

These are also very reptilian in look. They are very interesting to see. They are terrarium plants for the most part and shingling plants. They flatten themselves up against anything that you give them to climb. They do prefer higher humidity. Especially, when they are in a less mature form.

As they get bigger and more mature leaves they will be able to handle lower humidity we can do a lot more with them. They have a very shiny, variegated texture to them. It is really interesting to see when they flatten themselves out on the boards and on moss poles. They almost look like multiple little shiny scales right next to each other while they are climbing. Very interesting for Monstera to grow.

Monstera Standleyana

Last but not least this particular Monstera does not ever get Fenestrations. The leaves are very spear-shaped. The foliage is very thick with dark green coloration and then with the albo they have these white splashes on them.  Very cool plant to see! They also have a yellow version so instead of white variegation you will see yellow with green.

 Both of these plants can grow prolifically fast. They can climb or trail with a similar growth pattern to the Monstera Peru. So, if you really like the way that one grows then Monstera Standleyana is going to be enjoyable as well.  They grow so quickly once established that you can appreciate new leaves every single week!

They are definitely not an underrated species! Monstera is definitely iconic. They are incredible plants. Definitely give them a chance. There are so many more varieties out there than just the Monstera Deliciosa that everybody knows and loves. I think it can surprise people how diverse Monstera varieties can be and the different looks that they can have! Put all these different Monsteras right next to each other and you wouldn’t think that they are all the same family but they really are! They can do amazing incredible things and they are all very easy to care for. Just let them dry out. Use a chunky mix and give them something to climb.


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