4 Best Indoor Garden Planners For 2023


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Finding a planner for indoor gardening is like finding a needle in a haystack. So many look so similar but are not quite what you are looking for upon closer inspection. Some planners do not even show you what the sheets look like before you buy them so you don’t even know what you are getting or if it will work for you. We did the research for you and checked the actual content of these planners Here are the 4 best indoor garden planners for 2023.

1. Log Journal Petite Planner

This beautiful pink Planner is perfect for any indoor gardener. The design contains exactly what plant parents need! There is a section dedicated to your wishlist plants so you can keep track of which ones you get throughout the year. We do have an article on how to choose wishlist plants each year.

Another section that is very helpful is the fertilizer tracker and repotting log. It can be so difficult especially with a larger plant collection to remember what plant was fertilized and a repotting tracker makes it easy to see the growth of your plants and help you select your next pot size.

This Planner even takes propagations into account with a sheet for what you propagated, in what media, and what your results were to determine what works best in your home for your plants.

Speaking of plants, the most impressive part of this Planner has to be the individual paged dedicated to specific plants. You can put where and when you got your plant and fill in its care preferences. Light and soil preferences along with fertilizer and pests with a small section for photos or notes. Everything you need for each plant on one page makes growing plants so much more enjoyable and certainly less stressful.

2. Weekly Planner for Plant lovers

If you are someone who has too many plants to track, gets easily overwhelmed, or needs a weekly list to stay focused this is the Planner for you.

This Planner is super cute with plant puns and interesting facts. Opening it up, it is a beautiful planner with a great spread. This Planner could be specifically used for plants or used for your daily life and incorporating plants into it.

It has a goal sheet for the year where you can put what you hope to accomplish for this year and then each month and week you can break it down from there. One example might be making your Pothos become 5ft high-climbing plants so you might have your first month’s goal be to report and install a moss pole with your Pothos. Next month it may need an extension.

Each week has a full page for your to-do and a mini calendar paired up with a full page of notes so you can really customize this for whatever you need. You can even journal or make bullet tracking on your notes section.

Sometimes it is nice to be able to have weekly breakdowns of everything. They do have a full monthly calendar for a big-picture overview for you if that helps as well. The customizability of this Planner to daily life and plant care is phenomenal and unique while still making the overall theme plenty.

3. Garden Planner And Log Book

This Planner is fantastic for indoor or outdoor gardeners. Many plant parents grow both so this can be a nice combination planner to meet all your needs.  Great for crops or for houseplants this Planner has a plant log to keep track of your individual plants. There is a planning sheet for garden layout which can work for an outdoor garden or indoor plant room.

Seasonal to-do lists and shopping lists help you remember what to repot when and what supplies you will need in advance from year to year. For example plants in late spring to early summer usually need a lot of repots which can take up a lot of supplies and you can use your lists to plan in advance.

Sew/transplants sheets also work very well for indoor propagations so you can keep track of how they are doing. The supplier list so you can keep track of your favorite products and plant shops.

The pest treatment log and seasonal to-do list really add a whole other level of helpful detail to this Planner you didn’t even know you needed. There is so much more in this Planner and if you love details this Planner is definitely perfect for you.

4. Orchid Journey: Personal Tracker & Observation Journal

This specific journal is for orchid fanatics and orchid beginners. With care tips for the 5 most popular orchid varieties. This Planner demystifies orchid care and allows you to really experience caring for orchids.

There is a wishlist sheet to keep track of the new orchids you want and up to 30 of your current plants. This Planner can also be started any time of year and you can customize it however you want.

With an extensive notes section and a log for writing out orchid shows, and ways to keep track of light, water, fertilizer and so much more.

This Planner could be customized to be for other houseplants but it was definitely designed with orchids in mind and a great way to keep track of observations over time.

Finding good planners to meet your individual needs can be incredibly stressful but a good Planner is invaluable. A usable Planner can be the difference between meeting a goal and completely forgetting you even had one. Even just tracking fertilizer and watering your plants can make a noticeable difference in the health of your plants. Hopefully, this helped you find exactly what you need.


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