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If you are a person who loves plants, and you want to spread your joy of plants to others, then consider hosting a houseplant event. We have compiled 10 ideas for various events you can host with a plant theme for plant parents of all ages.

1. Sip and Plant Event

This event involves some beverages and snacks along with lots of plants. What is not to love!? You can set up the event in your home, a local nursery, or a plant boutique. You can have people bring their own plants or provide them. This is generally a repotting event or potting up an arrangement of plants that go together. Either way, it is fun for everyone and a great way to get plant enthusiasts out of their plant rooms.

2. Creating terrariums or fairy gardens

Terrarium building or making a fairy garden can be a great event for creative plant parents. It is an opportunity to use all kinds of odd things around and recycle jars for plenty of purposes. Great way to keep those high humidity plants happy or even propagate some plants. You can also buy kits or supplies online and in craft stores. Even with all the same supplies each created will be unique.

3. Bonsai trimming

Is a very unique event. A small tree is usually provided for beginners. However, for those who have their own bonsai, it can be fun to bring your own bonsai and share tips with each other while shaping or root trimming and repotting your own trees.  Otherwise, it can be a huge learning experience for beginners.

4. Seed starting party

This could be houseplant seeds or fruit and vegetable seeds. Everyone can bring what they have and share it with everyone or one person can be responsible for each item. There are many different ways this could be organized but everyone should walk out with seeds started and excited for their baby plants to sprout.

5. Plant swap

This event could be as large or small as you would like. These plant swaps are even often done on a community level. Basically, everyone brings plants or cuttings that they would like to trade or sell, and then everyone trades or buys from each other. This is a great way to get wishlist plants for inexpensive or free and a fantastic way to easily meet other plant parents.

6. Planty Craft Party

This is a very versatile plant party. You can paint pots, play with clay, make macramé hangers, and even design your own propagation station. This is another one for those creative plant parents and it can all be hosted for as much or as little money as you desire. It can be made even more fun and less expensive by having everyone bring supplies from home and share.

7. Succulent Design

This plant event is so fun! Everyone has succulents and their own container.  Just arrange your succulents in the container in a planned design or freehand your arrangement. The succulents can be cuttings everyone brings or succulents can be purchased in bulk for arranging. This is another very easy event that can be as small and inexpensive as you would like or host on a much more grand scale.

8. Nursery Hopping AKA Nursery Crawl

This is an event where plant enthusiasts meet up at a specified location and visit specific plant shops at specific times. It usually goes from one shop to another every 30 minutes or an hour depending on the size of the shop. There usually is some sort of a group discount or coupons from the shops so those participating in the events can get some wishlist plants and it supports the local economy as well. This event does take a lot of preparation and planning because everyone would have to rsvp to the event and the shops would have to be called. It is an amazing way to meet local shop owners and perhaps find a new favorite plant shop

9. Plant scavenger hunt

This is a very versatile event. A scavenger hunt is when there is a pre-made list of things for those participating to find. This can easily be adapted to plants and the search can take place in a plant shop, for a home plant event, or even an online event. The list can be comprised of plants, pottery, bits of trivia items, or even just plant-related decor. Anything you would like to be the theme of your event would be perfect.

10. Soil Mix party

This is an event where everyone brings their potting soil media to share and mix their own substrate for their plants. Things like perlite, worm castings, and sphagnum moss are very common. An event like this is a great way to try new substrates and mixes before committing to an expensive purchase. Stratum, Pon, and Leca are common ones people like to try before they buy because they can be a bit pricey. It is also an opportunity to learn more about what soil mixes plants do well in with different conditions. You may even discover why some of your own plants are struggling.

These 10 events can be mixed, matched, and even combined to make the perfect event for you and your plant friends. Great for a galantines day, birthday, or just for fun any time of year. These can also be customized to size and budget for your needs.


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