12 Best Plants to Give As Housewarming Gifts

Plants to Give As Housewarming Gifts

Plants are fantastic gifts for housewarming presents. They are unique, add color and elegance to a home, and have many emotional, mental, and physical benefits for people. You stumbled upon this article because you are aware of how incredible plants are, and now you are searching for the best plants for housewarming gifts; to be able to give the perfect gift.

When picking out a housewarming plant, you need to consider a few factors: ease of care, receivers’ lifestyle, type of home, if pets or young children are in the house, and the meaning behind the plant. Plants are beautiful, contributing to the room’s decor and give off vibes to help relieve stress, anxiety and promote happiness and productivity.

It is believed that givers of plants are known to have big hearts and open souls. Gifting plants means the giver wishes the best for their friends and families and provides the plant to wish them fulfilled and prospering lives.

Here is a list of the 12 best plants for housewarming gifts.

1. Schlumbergera aka Christmas Cactus

Schlumbergera aka Christmas Cactus

A Christmas Cactus makes the top of the list due to its ease of care and beautiful bloom production. Christmas cactus’s rank one of the easiest plants to keep indoors because they love bright indirect light, like close to a windowsill, need potting soil replaced only every few years, and only need a thorough watering every two to three weeks when soil is dry.

Christmas Cactus’s are great in homes with busy families that need low maintenance greenery. The bonus for this beautiful succulent is that they are safe for children and pets; you can rest easy knowing curious cats will be okay around these plants. 

Schlumbergera can live for 20 to 30 years if well kept. They are often chosen as gifts due to their resilience and capability of thriving. These succulents represent endurance and survival, while the blooms themselves symbolize love even through tough times.

2. Pathos


Pathos are known as plants that love neglect. They can survive the worst conditions and are perfect or beginners or gifts to those whom you are unsure of their green thumb backgrounds. Pathos can survive in bright indirect light or meager light; they can live in cooler than average temperatures and do not require as much humidity in the air as other indoor plants. Pathos can live in nutrient-rich soil and dull soil. They can survive through drought periods, but with total neglect and no watering, they will die. As long as your plant receiver can provide minimal plant care, Pathos should grow and even thrive indoors.

Pathos are unfortunately toxic to dogs, cats, and people if ingested. These plants are best not gifted to those with small children or animals that risk potentially putting them in their mouths. If you do gift to a person with pets or children, make a note for them to place out from the reach of little fingers and furry toes.

Pathos signifies perseverance. These make great housewarming gifts for those pursuing their dreams and relentlessly work to reach their goals.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants hit number three on the list for the best plants for housewarming gifts. People love receiving Aloe because it is a handy plant to have around the home, and they are easy to upkeep. Aloe plants are usually found thriving in kitchen or bathroom windowsills.

The gel of the Aloe plant provides unbeatable medicinal properties for cuts, burns, scrapes, and some insect bites.

Aloe plants are desert succulents that can grow under low lighting but prefer bright indirect lighting found on most windowsills. Aloe plants do not need constant watering. These succulents do well with watering every few weeks, allowing the soil to dry out almost completely before rewatering.

Aloe Vera is toxic to dogs, cats, and humans. You can use the gel topically but ensure it does not become ingested.

While aloe plants can provide forms of physical healing, they also signify mental healing and spiritual upliftment. Having one of these succulents in your home would bring the gift of mental wellbeing.

4. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Snake plants are great housewarming gifts because they prefer to be left alone. As with any plant, it will need watering, but it does not like to be soaked and it can thrive with low or bright light.

Snake plants can be left alone for weeks on end and do just fine reaching for the stars. Figuratively speaking, of course, but these snake plants have tall, slender leaves that grow upwards and can surpass your height.

Snake plants are toxic to pets. If ingested, it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. A benefit of having these plants indoors around pets and children is that they will absorb toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. Just try to place the plant out of reach of pets and children.

Snake plants are great housewarming gifts for those searching for the perfect Feng-Shui piece to signify good luck and tenacity.

5. Orchids


Luscious long green stems with beautiful vibrant blossoms. Orchids are one of the best flowers to gift. Orchids produce beautiful blooms and add dimension and personality to any area.

Orchids are pretty easy plants to care for as long as the basic needs are met. Orchids need 50 to 70 percent humidity, plenty of indirect sunlight, watering when the soil is dry, and cooler temperatures than the daytime to produce the blooms we all know and love.

Orchids are suitable for beginners or those without a green thumb. Providing basic care instructions along with the plant or a website for reference to the gift receiver can help get them on the right foot.

A good thing about Orchids is that animals can live in harmony with these flowers without fear of toxicity. You should always discourage your pets or kids from messing with or ingesting a plant, but there should not be too much cause for concern if it were to happen.

Orchids symbolize love, beauty, thoughtfulness, and the gift of fertility. Orchids are often chosen as gifts for newlyweds or first-time homebuyers to represent starting a new life.

6. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money plants are popular plant gifts. They are not necessarily best for novice plant owners because they require a little more upkeep than some others, but they are still easy plants to care for under the right conditions when set up for success.

Chinese Money plants need well-draining potting soil because too much water can easily cause root rot to develop. These plants like to dry out between watering; it is good to insert your finger a few inches beneath the soil to ensure they are ready to be watered again. Chinese Money plants also love sunlight. Providing bright indirect sunlight will allow these plants to grow to their full potential.

Givers often choose Chinese Money plants as housewarming gifts for two main reasons. First, they are non-toxic to animals. Second, they signify good luck, money, and fortune to the plant caretakers.

7. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are easy, hands down, the most popular gifting plant. The Peace Lily has sizeable glossy green, vibrant leaves, and elegant white flowers. Stunning for room decor and easy on the eyes.

Peace Lilies are resilient, hard to kill plants, and they have simple care requirements. The all-around simplicity of these plants makes them desirable gifts.

The Peace Lily is toxic to humans, dogs, and cats. Lilies, in general, are highly toxic to animals; proceed with caution when gifting these to an animal-loving family. However, people enjoy Peace Lilies because they break down harmful gases and purify our air even with the known toxicity risks. If you gift a Peace Lilly, please make the receiver aware of the danger around kids and animals advise them to put the plant in a high location or a room away from pets.

Besides the air-purifying traits, Peace Lilies are loved because of their meaning. This Lilly represents innocence, prosperity, sympathy, hope, healing, and of course, peace. Peace Lilies are calming plants, loved by all because of the hope they can provide.

8. Ferns


Ferns come in many varieties, so number 8 on our list covers an extensive range of plants. Ferns are great plants to give as housewarming gifts due to how easy they are to keep indoors.

When gifting a fern, research the individual type, but most ferns love water and love moisture. Most ferns also do well in low light and average temperatures indoors. If the receiver can keep the fern moist and in an area that will receive a little sunlight, a fern should happily grow.

Ferns can be hung, mounted in high areas, and placed in standing pots. The variety this allows makes them fantastic to spruce up any decor.

Most true ferns are non-toxic to humans and animals. Yet, as stated before, always research the individual plant because plants like Asparagus Ferns are toxic and are not true ferns. They just carry the fern name.

Ferns symbolize new life, new beginnings, and eternal youth. These meanings make them awesome housewarming gifts because a new home is a new beginning or the start of a new chapter in a person’s story.

9. Jade Plant

Jade plants are popular succulents due to their thick, fleshy, oval, vibrant green leaves. Jade plants are great gifts because they are easy to care for and beautiful plant additions to any home.

Jade plants like to be watered but only when their soil is completely dry; forgetting to water for a few days or weeks is no cause for concern. Jade plants thrive on average home temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and do well in low lighting conditions. While Jade plants may survive in low light, they do need some direct sunlight during the day to continue optimal growth. Even if only a few times a week, try moving your Jade plant into a window or on a porch to soak up some direct rays.

Jade plants are toxic to pets if ingested so keep that in mind when gifting.

Jade plants represent luck and friendship. These are great to gift to a friend’s housewarming who is close to your heart.

10. Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are great when the goal is to achieve Feng Shui in an area. The Chinse culture is fun and inviting. Which makes Bamboo plants a great gift to give.

Bamboo is a relatively easy plant to maintain indoors. All it needs is some indirect sunlight and to keep the soil damp but not saturate. The ease of care makes these plants great gifts to even novice plant owners.

Bamboo is toxic to pets; even though we know the plant to be lucky, it is not so fortunate if dogs or cats ingest it. When gifting this plant, recommend the receiver keep it out of reach of any potential curious animals.

Bamboo plants are known to bring luck to those around them. Giving Bamboo as a housewarming gift is a great idea because everyone can use a little extra luck.

11. Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm

Majesty Palms can make great gifts; they are not for the beginner plant owner or those that struggle with a green thumb.

Majesty Palms are beautiful, do great indoors, grow tall and luscious, clean the air, and add vibrancy to any space.

These Palms need watering only when the soil is around 50 percent dry and need plenty of indirect sunlight. Majesty Palms, however, are tropical plants and need humidity to survive. If an area does not provide enough humidity, the leaves can turn colors, and the plant will soon die.

Though gifted to the right person, these Majesty Palms can provide enjoyment for years to come.

Majesty Palms are non-toxic to animals. At the same time, it is best not to let them comingle. If a cat takes a bite out of a leaf, it should be just fine.

The Majesty Palm signifies triumph, eternal life, and peace. Adding this palm to a space can give the caretaker a spiritual sense of peace and calmness.

12. Bonsai Tree

Number 12 on the list of the best plants to give as housewarming gifts is the Bonsai Tree. The Bonsai Tree is suitable for novice growers and can even be significantly rewarding to watch it thrive indoors.

There are a few types of Bonsai trees, but we refer to tropical Bonsai Trees on this list. Other types are hard to maintain indoors, but tropical species can do great.

The most challenging part of growing this tree indoors is replicating the moisture and sunlight it needs. The optimal spot in a home for a Bonsai is the bathroom and using artificial lighting. Artificial lighting hanging over a Bonsai tree can provide exactly what the tree craves, and the steam from showers will give it the humidity levels to thrive.

Watering a Bonsai is simple. Only do so when the soil inches beneath the surface is dry. Overwatering can be counterintuitive.

If you decide to gift a Bonsai Tree as a housewarming gift, know the tree will be undoubtedly cherished. However, mention to the receiver that it will do best in a well-lit bathroom environment.

Bonsai trees have a ton of conflicting information online about the safety near pets. Avoiding mixing bonsai trees and pets for the safest outcome. However, some Bonsai trees are fine around animals. Consulting your veterinarian instead of Google is the best route to take before inviting any type of Bonsai tree into a home around pets.

Bonsai trees represent balance and a connection with nature. They are great gifts to give to free spirits or to help open up and ease the mind.


You cannot go wrong with any of these gifting plants. Bonsai Trees, Jade Plant, Schlumbergera, Aloe Vera, Pathos, Snake Plant, Orchids, Peace Lily, Ferns, Chinese Money Plants, Majesty Palms, and Bamboo Plants are all fantastic gift ideas that would be thoughtful and appreciated.

The toughest thing your going to have to do when choosing a plant to gift to someone special is trying to avoid the urge to keep the plant to yourself.


If you want to gift a plant that is said to bring money to the caretaker, choose the Chinese Money Plant. The significance is even in its name. If that one isn’t your preference, then a Bamboo Plant is another excellent option.

Air purification indoors is a critical quality to those who have young children or elderly in their homes. The two best plants on this list for this task are the Peace Lily and the Majesty Palm. Both can purify the air of gases such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene. Peace Lilies are recognized at the top of NASA’s list due to their air cleaning capabilities.

Logical all depends on your meaning of logic. But if you are searching for a plant that provides usefulness and can be literally beneficial, you can never go wrong gifting an Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe plants are easy to maintain and have medicinal properties. How often do you get sunburnt when at the pool or accidentally tap the corner of a hot pan? Aloe is not just a plant. It is a natural medication.

If picking out a housewarming plant gift for a person known to have indoor animals, go with a Schlumbergera or Orchid. These are safe, beautiful, and bloom throughout their blooming season, adding more color to a room.

Pathos, also known as unkillable plants. These bad boys are resilient and can survive in dull conditions. Hopefully, the plant receiver will not neglect your plant gift, but Pathos are the easiest to bring back to life if necessary.


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