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Soiless Potting Media

Most potting mix do not have any soil in them. Most mixes, including the potting mixes that you buy from your local stores, are going to be some type of peat-based potting mix. It is going to be peat mixed with a couple of other things, usually perlite, and that is your potting mix. It …

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Using Ollas for Indoor Plants: Everything You Need to Know

Different plants have different needs, from the soil needed to grow, and sunlight required daily, to fertilizer requirements. One thing is common for all plants; they all need water. Plants need water to grow and stay healthy. As important as it is to water plants regularly, it is not uncommon for plant owners to forget …

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Top 10 Best Clip On Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Clip On Grow Lights: The 10 Best for Indoor Plants

Natural light can be hard to come by in some homes and extra space may not be all that abundant either. A grow light is a great way to help your plants flourish if you’re lacking natural sunlight but so many lights can be bulky, gaudy, or need to be suspended from a ceiling […]

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