10 Best Indoor Trees for Home Gardeners

10 Best Indoor Trees for Home Gardeners

When we think about indoor gardening, trees might not be the first thing which comes to mind. We typically associate trees with the outdoors, and the thought of a tree growing within the confines of our home is pretty alien for many of us, to say the least. But we are here to present some of the best indoor trees varieties which can be grown perfectly well in your home.

Of Course you will not get a 20 ft high tree rising through the roof. However, miniature trees and other small sized micro-trees are pretty popular among home gardeners. We have compiled a list of the best indoor trees you can grow at home.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

It is impossible to make a list of indoor trees and keep Fiddle Leaf Fig out of it. This plant is hard to kill, can withstand long spells of neglect, and thrives well with little care. The big, green leaves will catch the eyes and make it the center of attention for guests who come to visit you.

It grows well in moist soil and needs bright but indirect sunlight, so make sure you keep it out of direct sun or there is a chance that the tree might get burned up.

Dracena Fragrans

The Corn Plant, scientifically known as Dracena Fragrans, is another indoor tree which you can grow in a small pot or any decorative planter. This plant has a long central bark and slender leaves branching out from the top. This tree is native of dry areas, so it does not have extensive water requirements and can grow fine, even when not watered for days.

Umbrella Tree

If you are looking for a tree with a short growth period, then an Umbrella Tree can be the perfect pick for you. This plant grows to up to 3 feet tall within months, so you will need to prune it often to keep it indoors. Umbrella Trees grow well in a peat-moss based potting mix, which can be added to normal potting soil. Drainage is also important, because waterlogging can kill the plant. This tree loves humidity, so a bathroom can be its favorite spot to grow, but generally speaking, any part of your house which is not desert-dry will work well.

Money Plant

As much as we would love to see dollar bills hanging in place of the usual green leaves of this tree, it sadly does not work that way. Feng Shui says that this plant brings wealth to your house, but that theory is yet to be proven by gardening folks. Whatever the reality is, this plant is nonetheless a hardy plant which is suitable as an indoor tree. The humidification requirements for this one are also high, so it is better to get a plant humidifier for this tree, or better yet, just place it in the bathroom.

Lucky Bamboo

Now this plant seems to be ubiquitous. The Lucky Bamboo is for sure a miraculous plant. It is not only one of the fastest growing trees on the list but also one of the most aesthetically pleasing. The tree trunk is not wooden, like most other trees. It is, of course, made up of solid bamboo shoots, with erect leaves arising from the top like a crown. It would be fitting to say that lucky bamboo is indeed the king of indoor plants. Lucky Bamboo grows well in water, so there’s not a lot of chance that you will kill it by overwatering it. It has low light requirements and is an easy-to-grow plant.

Ponytail Palm

The name ponytail palm is a giveaway to what this plant looks like. It has a thick trunk, much like an outdoor full-scale tree, but of course, much smaller in size. The thin, strip-like leaves sprout from the top and then fall down like a pony tail. The bulb roots will ensure that this plant can survive without water for a long time. It is not the fastest growing tree on the list, which is a pro, since you will not need to cut this tree often. This cool and mature looking plant is well-suited for workplaces and offices.

Calamondin Orange Tree

This one is surely something which will catch everyone’s eye, because it’s not every day you come across an indoor plant which produces fruit as well. This citrus fruit producing tree is actually a hybrid between kumquat and mandarin orange and produces miniature oranges. The downside with this plant is that it needs to be watered daily and needs direct bright sunlight to grow well. So you might need to move it outdoors or at least rotate it at its place every now and then.


Yucca looks typically like a succulent. It has pointed leaves which are fleshy and can store good amounts of water. Yucca has a short stem of about 2-3 feet, which makes it just the perfect size for an indoor tree. It is neither too tall nor too short. It requires low water, so better to let the soil dry between watering intervals. You can keep it in a ceramic pot, a clay pot or even a plant grow bag. Make sure that the container is filled with nutrient-treated soil, and you should be good to go.

African Candelabra

This cactus is just like the regular cacti you would see growing in a desert. It has a dark-green to light-blue colored stems, and it sprouts thorns, and spikes. This means you should be cautious if there are kids or pets around the tree. Being a cactus and xerophyte, it is drought-resistant and depends heavily on sunlight for growth. You might want to straighten it using a stick to prevent it from leaning toward the sun.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants grow to big heights, earning them a place on our list of low-maintenance indoor trees. It has beautiful, broad leaves which can be used for a variety of crafts as well. It needs well-drained soil and bright light, so you best keep it near a window that receives direct sunlight.

Do you have any of these best indoor trees in your space?

How was your experience with growing the best indoor trees? Let us know how well you are taking care of them. Share your tips on our social media channels.


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