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7 Ways To Sell Indoor Plants for Money

“Money plants” might just be a myth, but we are here to tell you that there are various other ways in which plants can get the cash flowing in. Being a gardener does pay off. It might not always be strictly in monetary terms, since plants do much more than that. They are aesthetically pleasing, have a lasting positive influence on your mental and physical well-being, and their ornamental value is unparalleled. You can use indoor plants for money and enjoy monetary benefits while you pursue your hobby.

Sell Indoor Plants

Things to Consider Before Using Indoor Plants for Money

At times, especially when we are running short on cash, it can be a great idea to take up indoor gardening as a side gig. If you learn the ropes of the business, after some time you can also take it up as your main job. But reliance on an indoor plant business will depend on multiple things, such as:

  • Your love for plants
  • The area you live in
  • The kinds of plants which grow in your area
  • The scale at which you can maintain an indoor garden
  • Your target clientele and the market supply-demand situation

You can sell plants or plant products at an online store like Amazon. If you can manage your own website, that can be a viable option to sell indoor plants for money. Alternatively, you can sell these at your local market place. If you cannot explore any of the other options, then plants are something which can be sold from the comfort of your home as well. You will need to have good marketing and communication skills so that everyone in your local community is aware of your business, as they will be the biggest part of your clientele.

We have compiled a list of ways by which you can cash in on your love of plants and earn a handsome amount of money.

Sell Herbs

You may generate substantial profits by selling herbs that you can harvest from various plants. You may sell herbs in jars packed with other products. Herbs have both culinary and therapeutic values, so you can package them in small jars and sell them.

Once you develop a good customer base, they will not only come back again and again but will also bring in new customers, as information about your business spreads by word of mouth. Late winter and spring are the best time to plant herbs, and there is a wide variety to choose from. Chives, Cilantro and Thyme are always in high demand. Plus, they are easy growing so you do not need to put in a lot of effort looking after them. Oregano and lemongrass are also great options.

Sell Herbs -Indoor Plants for money

Sell Plants

Selling plants might sound like a big deal, because selling parts of plants is one thing and selling the whole plant is just next level. But for the amount of cash they can bring, you won’t have a hard time getting the most bang for your buck. There are various plant varieties in high demand. You can sell plants which can be re-planted in modern indoor flower pots by fellow indoor gardeners, or you can also sell plants which can be used for outdoor landscaping. 

Bamboos are always a great choice, because they grow super-fast and also fetch a good price. Other plants you can sell include Ginseng, Ground covers and mushrooms.

Sell Plants -Indoor Plants for money

Plant Photography

Now, this might not seem like the most straightforward option, but it is nonetheless a viable option. You might need a good camera (or smartphone) to begin with and some basic know-how of photography, especially using macro-lenses. If you have that, you are set to go.

You can sell these pictures to various magazines as well as online image sites. Also, if you have a gardening related blog, you can earn money by traffic flow on the website.

Photography -Indoor Plants for money

Plant Crafts

You can amalgamate your love for plants and your creative skills to create innovative crafts. There are a lot of plant crafts you can sell online and offline.

Tropical plants vine decorations are in vogue these days. You can grow these vines in your garage or backyard and sell them. If you have a small kitchen garden, then by planting pumpkins you can earn a good amount around Halloween. Similarly, numerous scrap books and craft books can be prepared by collecting exotic leaves or seeds from your indoor plants.

Plant Crafts -Indoor Plants for money

Sell Seeds

Seeds are also in high demand. They will probably give you the biggest profit margin as compared to any other option on the list. You can make small assorted seed packets and then sell them off at a yard sale, farmer’s market, or online.

Seeds that are easy to grow indoors include marigold and zinnia. Also, Peppers can be a great option, not only for domestic consumption, but also for selling commercially. There are also a lot of seed-producing vegetable varieties which you can grow indoors, like kale, cauliflower and tomatoes.

Sell seeds -Indoor Plants for money

Sell Flowers

Consider selling flowers if you have a personal affection for colourful flowering plants. You may sell fresh plants or make them into a bouquet, which will result in higher profits. Also, fragrant varieties may be combined to make potpourri.

You would just need a variety of flowers and small glass jars or decorative bags to kick start your business. You can sell potpourri directly to your clients, or make a deal with a local flower or gift shop to let you sell those flowers at their place for a small commission.

Sell Flowers -Indoor Plants for money

Prepare Tea Extracts

Tea extracts are gaining popularity, mainly because of their therapeutic use. Find a tea leaf variety compatible with local atmosphere and sell it for good profit. Although growing tea might need some more patience and care than other options, it is definitely worth a try. Selling tea extracts is good, especially if there is a high demand for local tea in your area.

Tea Extracts -Indoor Plants for money

Do you make money from indoor plants?

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