Indoor Plant Types

Indoor Plant Types

There are so many indoor plant types. From cacti and succulents to edible plants, and indoor palm trees. Our collection of articles covers a wide variety of these plant types. So, check them out!

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Easiest Ferns to Grow as Houseplants and Ferns to Avoid

Ferns are known to be difficult for plants. They’re known to be incredibly hard to grow. Commonly referred to as picky, diva, plants, and absolutely horrible house plants. The absolute nightmare of all plants “Don’t ever get a fern.” is what they will tell you. But what’s really happening is they’re getting the wrong ferns. …

Easiest Ferns to Grow as Houseplants and Ferns to Avoid Read More »

Plants that like to climb

There are a lot of plants out there with foliage that can have a very different look if allowed to climb. For example, the heart-shaped leaves that come with a baby Monstera. If you give that baby something to climb you are going to see big beautiful fenestrated jungle monstrosities. It is incredible to watch …

Plants that like to climb Read More »

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