Indoor Plant Gift Ideas – 30 Options for Every Occasion

Indoor Plant Gift Ideas – 30 Options for Every Occasion

If you’re looking for indoor plant gift ideas, you’ll love this article! Whatever the occasion, a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or whatever, we present a ton of options.

Plants are essential to life. They have so many environmental benefits. Plants provide oxygen that humans and animals need to survive. They play an essential role in alleviating the effects of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plants also provide many animals with habitat and food.

You’ve undoubtedly known these facts for a while. But did you know that indoor plants also have many benefits on a person’s physical and mental health? Below are some of the benefits indoor plants offer:

  • Clean indoor air and improve respiration
  • Improve humidity level
  • Reduce noise
  • Reduce stress
  • Induce happiness
  • Increase productivity
  • Add life to a dull space

Plants are lovely beings that benefit the planet, people, and animals, and they can spruce up any space. In fact, more and more people are starting to appreciate indoor plants because of their beauty and health benefits.

Consider gifting your friends and loved ones with plants. Giving plants as gifts is a sign of trust that the receiver will nurture the plants and make them thrive. Also, compared to pets, they are low maintenance and can last longer than other material gifts if cared for properly.

Here’s a list of 30 indoor plant gift ideas for several occasions:


Our plant gift ideas for housewarming include useful plants the receiver can use to make memories in their new home.

French Lavender

1. French Lavender

French lavender is a variety of the lavender plant that grows well indoors. It’s not as aromatic as other varieties, but it adapts well to indoor conditions. This plant grows up to three feet high and has one of the most extended bloom times of all lavender varieties. The lavender plant is a beautiful flowering plant. Product makers commonly use lavender in bath products, candles, and air fresheners because of its calming effect.

2. Snake Plant

The snake plant makes a great corner accent in the bedroom because of its health benefits. Additionally, they require little water and light to survive. The snake plant cleans the air and absorbs carbon dioxide better than most indoor plants, possibly improving respiration. These plants are said to bring about better breathing and better sleep.

Snake Plant Indoor Gift
Peppermint Plants

3. Peppermint

Mint plants are easy to grow. Just give them minimal light and keep them moist. Mint plants pack several antioxidants that are good for digestion. In fact, many believe the mere smell of mint releases enzymes that prevent stomach spasms and indigestion. People often use aromatic peppermint leaves to make teas.

4. Basil

Basil is not an easy plant to grow and requires regular watering and lots of light. But the effort in growing basil is well worth it. Basil leaves are great for digestion and are known to promote a healthy gut. They have many uses for cooking and are an excellent addition to pizzas, soups, and pesto sauces. Give this plant as a housewarming present and enjoy the many memories it will make with your loved ones.

Basil Plant Gift

5. Kale

Kale is an easy plant to grow indoors. While kale grows best in cool weather, it grows all year round. Kale is a vitamin-rich superfood and contains a significant amount of vitamins A, C, and K. Kale is also a keto-friendly food, often used in salads and smoothies.

6. Chives

Chives are another plant that is easy to grow indoors. While they need lots of water and sunlight, they adapt to temperature changes well. Chives are low in calories but high in necessary nutrients and vitamins. They are best used as garnishes or in salads, soups, and sauces.


Indoor Plant Gift Ideas for Birthdays

Our plant gift ideas for birthdays are composed of symbolic plants. They symbolize something more substantial than the plant and convey a meaningful message to the person receiving your gift.  

African Violet

7. African Violet

The first in our list of indoor plant gift ideas for birthdays is the African Violet. Violets are the birth flower of February and represent loyalty. The African violet is a beautiful flowering plant that produces violet, blue, or white flowers. Many varieties of this plant prefer warmer temperatures, so keep them away from windows during the winter. 

8. Poinsettia

Surprise your friends born in December with a poinsettia plant. This colorful flower symbolizes good cheer and is associated with Christmas because of its red and green foliage. In fact, its vivid bracts are sometimes even more colorful than its flowers. The poinsettia is a tropical plant and needs light and warmth to survive.

Poinsettia Plant
Lucky Bamboo

9. Lucky Bamboo

A gift of lucky bamboo means you wish the receiver a life of good health and prosperity. What better time to hope for those things for someone than on their birthday? The Lucky Bamboo goes by many names, including Chinese water bamboo and Belgian evergreen. While its other common names suggest otherwise, it is a native African species and requires a bright environment. It requires little spraying and is quite difficult to destroy. Make sure to grow lucky bamboo in a spacious area, as it can grow up to 39 inches in height.

10. Golden Pothos

The golden pothos symbolizes perseverance and longing and is the perfect gift for someone chasing after their dreams. Also called devil’s ivy or money plant, some say it produces positive energy. The golden pothos is a tenacious plant and can survive with minimal attention, water, and light. However, they have compounds that are dangerous for cats and dogs, so it’s crucial to keep them away from pets.

Golden Pothos
Aloe Plant

11. Aloe Barbandensis Miller

The Aloe Barbandensis Miller is one type of the aloe vera plant. It’s one of the most popular types of aloe vera and is known for its healing properties. Giving an aloe vera plant as a gift means you’re sending protection and healing to the receiver. The aloe vera is one of the more useful plants in this list of plant gift ideas. For example, you can use its leaves topically to ease discomfort from scrapes and burns.

12. Lady’s Slipper Orchid

One of the most popular ornamental plants is the orchid plant. Orchids represent luxury and beauty. The Lady’s Slipper Orchid thrives in low light and humid air. And it can survive on once-a-week watering and will bloom annually in the winter. The Lady’s Slipper Orchid comes in many beautiful color combinations. So, find your friend’s favorite and give the gift of color!

Lady's Slipper Orchid Indoor Plant Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday when people spend millions of dollars on flowers that will wilt in a few days. The next plant gift ideas are specific for Valentine’s Day. Instead of wasting money on flowers that will eventually die, consider gifting your loved ones with flowering plants. These flowering plants will add life to any space, no matter how limited, and will last a long time if you care for them properly.

Primrose Plant Gift

13. Primrose

Growing a primrose indoors can be tricky, but it is possible. Proper primrose care indoors involves a lot of watering and requires high humidity. It can grow up to 12 inches tall and flowers in the spring. While often yellow color, there are also pink and white primrose varieties.

14. Mini Rose

The rose is the most popular flower around Valentine’s Day. It’s a universal symbol of love and affection. A variety called the mini rose is the one preferred for indoor planting. Mini roses can be challenging to care for, requiring a lot of light and water. In fact, they won’t bloom if they don’t get the sunlight that they need. While they’re difficult to grow, they are the most beautiful miniature flowers when they do bloom. Mini roses grow to about 1-2 inches in vibrant shades of red, pink, yellow, white, and other lovely colors.

Mini Roses
Jasmine Flowers

15. Jasmine

A cool temperature and a well-lit area are necessary for a jasmine plant to grow. When grown indoors, jasmine is a climber and needs support to flourish. It can only stand up to 4 hours of direct sunlight in a day. The jasmine is a beautiful indoor plant that gives off a wonderful scent, especially in warmer climates. But keep in mind, this is another one to place away from pets and kids.

16. Amaranth Flowers

The amaranth is very easy to grow indoors. It prefers warmth and well-drained soil and can grow up to 8 feet tall. So, your loved one will need to place it in a large enough space where it can flourish. The amaranth flower has a rich magenta shade and can liven up any area that needs a boost of color.

Amaranth Flower

17. Peace Lily

Most lilies are easy to grow indoors, including the peace lily. The peace lily grows up to 3 meters high and requires moisture to thrive. When it flowers in the spring, it produces beautiful and aromatic white, trumpet-like flowers.

18. Morning Glory

The morning glory is easy to grow indoors if you provide it with enough water and sunlight. It’s important to note that this plant can grow up to 10 feet tall. There are many morning-glory varieties, including Heavenly Blue, Flying Saucer, and Pearly Gates. Any type is an excellent addition to a space that you need to spruce up.

Morning Glory Plant Gift Ideas

Indoor Plant Gift Ideas for Anniversaries

You’ve probably heard of the silver anniversary and the pearl anniversary to mean the 25th and 30th wedding anniversary, respectively. But did you know that there are also corresponding flowers that honor specific years of marriage? Incidentally, these flowers will also make fine indoor plants.


19. Carnation

The carnation is the symbol of the first wedding anniversary. Just like the rose, it has a miniature version that’s perfect for growing indoors. It is easy to grow, but it’s particular in some growth factors. For example, it needs drained soil to thrive and does not like water on its leaves. Mini carnations come in 1- to 2-inch flowers in lovely colors such as red, pink, white, or yellow. It can easily beautify a dull space in any house.

20. Cosmos

Cosmos flowers are the symbol of the second wedding anniversary. These plants easily grow indoors but can grow up to 7 feet tall. Cosmos come in tones of pink, crimson, lavender, and white, all with yellow centers. These plants are widely accepted symbols of love.

Cosmos Flower Plant Gift

21. Sunflower

The sunflower symbolizes the third year of marriage. While it’s possible to grow the sunflower indoors, it can be fairly tricky. As its name suggests, the sunflower needs a lot of direct sunlight to thrive. Potted sunflowers can grow up to 14 inches and are known to act as mood boosters.

22. Geranium

For the fourth year of marriage, the flower is the geranium. Geraniums might just be the best indoor plant on this list. It needs little attention to thrive and can grow well throughout the year. Be sure to put them in places that receive a lot of sunlight and watch them grow.

Indoor Plant Gift - Daisies

23. Daisy

The daisy is the symbol of the fifth year of marriage and is a common indoor plant. To grow a daisy plant, you’ll need lots of sunlight. It usually grows up to 3 feet in height. Having daisies in a room instantly brightens up the area.

24. Daffodil

The tenth year of marriage is symbolized by the daffodil. It is a plant that can be difficult to grow indoors, as it needs specific temperatures to thrive. It can grow up to 10 feet, so put it in a spacious area of the house.

Daffodils Gift Idea


This list of plant gift ideas ends with ideas for the holidays. Instead of giving generic gifts to all your family and friends, why not gift them with plants that are perfect for their personalities and their homes? They probably won’t send plants back to the store or regift them.

Christmas Cactus

25. Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is easy to care for and grows easily.  It can grow up to 4 feet tall and can add holiday cheer to any home.  

26. Kalanchoe

The kalanchoe is the perfect gift for plant lovers, even those without the gift of a green thumb. In other words, it is super easy to grow indoors. This delightful plant can grow up to 12 inches high and act as a centerpiece for holiday celebrations.

Kalanchoe Indoor Plant Gift Ideas
Indoor Plant Gift Ideas - Amaryllis

27. Amaryllis

The amaryllis is a magnificent flowering plant that’s easy to grow indoors. It can grow up to 36 inches. It easily blooms indoors, and its colorful flowers can induce joy during the stressful holiday season.

28. Holly

The holly is one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas, thought to symbolize the male gender. It is hardy and can deal with most kinds of soil. It also needs sunlight to thrive. Few things in life amplify the Christmas spirit as much as the holly does.

Holly Plant Gift Ideas
Ivy Indoor Plant Gift Idea

29. Ivy

The ivy is a versatile plant and symbolizes the female gender. It can grow in hanging baskets or floor pots. Treat this plant with care and caution because it is an aggressive plant.

30. Paperwhite Narcissus

The paperwhite narcissus is easy to grow indoors; it only needs a little water and a window to grow. It is associated with Christmas because it’s the birth flower for December. This beautiful flowering plant goes well with any Christmas motif.

Paperwhite Narcissus Indoor Plant Gift Ideas

Indoor Plant Gift Ideas – The Wrap-up

There you have it, indoor plant gift ideas for different occasions. If you want your gift to stand out, consider giving plants. They’re useful, beautiful, and they last longer than most material gifts. You’ll be spending less, yet the personal touch will surely be more appreciated.


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