How to Start a Greenhouse (Even If You’re a Beginner)

How to Get Your Greenhouse Started (Even If You're a Beginner)

Learning how to start a greenhouse can be a lifesaver. First, greenhouses are the perfect environment for growing your flowers, vegetables, and plants in any climate, during any season. What better place to keep your garden safe, giving your plants a world of their own to grow and flourish. Indoor greenhouse gardening is a fantastic choice. You’re going to love the ideal growing atmosphere you can create. However, there are a couple factors to keep in mind before plowing forward.

How to Start a Greenhouse - First, What Are You Growing?

Knowing what you’ll be growing affects everything when it comes to planning your greenhouse. Different types of plants have different needs and preferences. These include the space they require, amount of sun they need, and how much water and humidity they can handle. The types of plants you plant in your greenhouse will also affect the size and shape of the greenhouse itself. It will also dictate what kinds of accessories you’ll need to set up inside.

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be a great way to cultivate your own produce, flowers, or other living things right at home. To get started, you’ll need to consider the needs of the different plants you want to grow, as well as the overall design and layout of your greenhouse. Some common considerations include light exposure, water and nutrient needs, temperature control, and airflow.

To create an ideal environment for growing a wide range of plants, it’s important to think carefully about each plant’s unique needs. For example, some types of plants may require more light than others. You may also want to set up separate watering and ventilation systems for different areas of your greenhouse, in order to create different microclimates within the same space.

Greenhouse Construction

To grow delicious vegetables and stunning flowers in your greenhouse, you’re going to need the actual building itself. There are many different styles of greenhouses, such as gable roofed, gothic, a-frame, and hoop houses. If you are building your own hobby greenhouse, construction plans will likely come down to building costs and yard space. However, aesthetic style can be a big factor as well. The gothic style is quite popular because it provides a lovely shape. It’s also ideal for shedding snow in areas with a colder climate.

If you plan to build your own greenhouse, check with your city to see if building permits are required. Greenhouses are typically considered to be temporary structures, but it’s better to double check these things before you get started. Plan your space carefully and consider how much room you’ll need inside your greenhouse. Greenhouse gardening can be a little addicting, so maybe give yourself some extra room to add to your garden.

How to Start a Greenhouse with a Prefabricated Greenhouse Kit

Building a greenhouse from the ground up isn’t for everyone. Luckily, prefabricated greenhouses are available in every shape and size. And you can find one to work with almost any budget. You can pick up a greenhouse kit from many gardening stores and home improvement centers. You can also order a kit online from an endless selection of styles. That way you can pick something that perfectly suits your needs.

Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

HomGarden Mini Walk-In Greenhouse Ten

For a small, simple option, the Mini Walk-in Greenhouse is incredibly affordable. It will create a safe and protected environment within its tent-like design under a PVC covering. It features a zippered roll-up door as well as screened ventilation to allow for ample air flow. This greenhouse is 57″ L x 57″ W x 77″ H. That’s small, yet perfect for starting seedlings, hardening plants off in spring, and extending your growing season late into winter.

Quictent Portable Greenhouse

Quictent Large Portable Greenhouse

If you plan on growing a larger garden, the Quictent Portable Greenhouse is another inexpensive option. This one is 12′ L x 7′ W x 7′ H. It gives you more room to comfortably move around and spend time caring for your plants. There are double zippered doors on the front and back and 6 exhaust vents to allow for air circulation. The cover is made of waterproof, transparent reinforced polyethylene which provides UV protection. This greenhouse maintains high humidity levels which are perfect for growing tropical plants, vegetables, fruiting plants, and herbs.

Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse

Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse

For a high quality design and elegant style, the Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse is a more expensive top-of-the-line option. It measures 15’ L x 10’2″ W x 9′ high, providing 150 square feet of gardening space. It features 4mm tempered glass windows, four opening roof windows, a misting system, and a sliding frame door. Constructed with in an old-fashioned English style, this greenhouse creates an ideal atmosphere for your plants to grow. It’s also a gorgeous environment for you to enjoy.

Greenhouse Placement

Whether you build it or buy it, where you’ll place your greenhouse is another important decision to make. To receive the most hours of sunlight possible, its longest side should face south. It’s also important you don’t place it under any large trees or other structures that will block the sun. If you’ll be supplying water and electricity to your greenhouse, be sure these resources are easily accessible for hook up.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

The atmosphere you create in your greenhouse must coincide with the needs of the plants growing there. A warm greenhouse may be perfect for most of your plants. However, if you grow tropical plants and exotic fruits, you’ll need to establish hothouse conditions. To keep things simple, especially for beginners, growing a variety of plants with similar needs is the best idea. This way you can maintain the perfect environment for all your plants. And you’ll do so without risking overheating any other plants or choking them with too much humidity.

Growing plants that need more than the warm atmosphere a greenhouse provides? Adding some accessories is the best way to maintain the perfect environment. Grow lights are excellent for regions that don’t receive enough sunlight in the winter. On the other hand, shade cloths can help if your plants are getting too much sun. Mist systems, fans, greenhouse heaters, and thermometers can help you keep your greenhouse at the perfect temperature, day and night. This is especially true when you use equipment that runs on timers and thermostats. Tool racks, potting benches, and shelves are also helpful to keep your greenhouse in order and easy to work in.

How to Start a Greenhouse - The Wrap-up

Learning how to start a greenhouse is one of the most rewarding ways to grow your plants. You can have complete control over their environment, allowing you to give them ideal growing conditions all year round. Greenhouses open up so many more options for growing plants that would otherwise struggle or die in your particular climate. With help from fans, heaters, grow lights, and other accessories, you can have a vibrant, beautiful garden throughout every season.


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