10 Best Clip On Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Top 10 Best Clip On Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Natural light can be hard to come by in some homes. And extra space may not be all that abundant either. Grow lights are a great way to help your plants flourish if you’re lacking natural sunlight. But many lights are bulky, gaudy, or need to be suspended from a ceiling. Larger grow lights can be perfect for a spacious area. But when you’re growing an indoor garden on a desk, bookshelf, or on the edge of your kitchen counter, a large grow light dangling from your ceiling just won’t work. That’s where clip on grow lights come in!

Luckily, grow lights come in all shapes and sizes, big and small, suspendable and clippable. And, for an area where a large grow light isn’t practical, small, clip on grow lights can save the day. These lights can provide ample lighting for a large plant or for a few smaller ones. Also, manufacturers often equip them with an adjustable gooseneck and other handy features. So, you can pick something that’s just right for your specific indoor gardening needs.

Here’s a look at the top 10 best clip on grow lights for 2019: 

FSG Tek Clip On Grow Lamps

4-head Clip On Grow Light

The FSG Tek 4-head grow light comes with an adjustable gooseneck design so you can focus lights perfectly. Provide light for multiple plants, or give one large plant a blast of light from every angle. These lights have a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the light intensity from 0-100%. You can turn each light on and off separately, allowing for further customization of the lighting intensity.

Alitade 2-Head Grow Light

Dual Light Clip On Grow Light

These Alitade LED full spectrum lights provide 5 dimmable modes and 3 spectrum modes for varied stages of plant growth. This lets you decide which spectrum of light to give your plants during their various growing and flowering stages. There are three programmable timers, so you won’t need to worry about turning these lights on and off every day. They also have a 5-step dimming design. You can increase dimming in 20% increments, and 3 adjustable heads can be controlled independently of the others. It also features a USB connector so the lights can be charged from an adaptor, computer, or power bank.

PDGROW 50W Full Spectrum Grow Light

50W Clip On Grow Light

The PDGROW clip-on 50W Grow Light promises faster plant growth from its 50W power lamp. The light offers a large illumination area, with four lighting modes. These lights are high-efficiency and energy saving, while they provide full spectrum light for your germinating, growing, and blooming plants.

Ankace 40W Dual Head Grow Light

The Ankace dual head clip on grow light contains 36 40W LED bulbs. They have 5 dimmable levels and feature a 3, 9, and 12 hour cycle timing system so you can perfectly customize the amount of light you want your plants to receive. The heads are 10 inches long and the flexible goosenecks are 11 inches so you will have plenty of range for adjusting your lighting area.

Relassy Dual Head Clip On Grow Light

This 75W LED Relassy clip on grow light has the dual head adjustable gooseneck design and a c-clamp mount. The mount means these lights can be secured to a wider range of surfaces than spring clamp style clips. Moreover, these lights use Cree LED light chips which provide wavelengths between 380 nm to 800 nm. They have 4 dimmable levels and as well as a 3, 6, and 12 hour circular memory timer.

Relassy 15000Lux Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

The Relassy dual head grow lights boasts being the best sunlike full spectrum grow light. With 88 high quality (50,000 hours lifetime) LEDs that are similar to natural sunlight. They offer a 20° beam angle and 18 inch gooseneck, which enlarges the area of effective lighting. Additionally, you can select 3 different lighting modes with dual switch design.

E27 220V Desk Table Grow Lamp

While the E27 Desk Table Grow Lamp isn’t technically a clip-on light, it is its own table and you can place it on any table or desk. It features a very simple design, with no timer or dimming options. It stands 23 inches tall and has a metal body with a wooden base. The light pivots 360 degrees around and can also rotate to point in any direction from a secondary swivel point on the frame. This makes it very easy to change the direction of your light without moving the whole light.

Vlio Clip On Plant Grow Light

The Vlio clip on grow light has two circular heads with 20 LED lights each, 13 red and 7 blue. It includes a USB adaptor for charging the light, and a strong metal clip allows you to clamp it to various surfaces. Not only can you set it up for lighting every 3 hours, 9 hours or 12 hours, but you can also adjust the brightness of the light and the distance between the light and plants, according to plant needs. This light is perfect if you just need a little extra luminosity for your plants but don’t want something that will be an eyesore.

Exmate Grow Light

Exmate Clip On Grow Light

This clip on grow light from Exmate provides full spectrum light with it’s 78 LEDs. It’s equipped with 42 red, 18 blue, 6 white, 6 infrared, and 6 ultraviolet lights. The design is incredibly simple, featuring no switches, dimmer, or timers. Simply plugging it in turns it on. A 1.5m USB cord, which comes with the light, provides power.

Hygger Aquarium Clip On Lights

Hygger Aquarium Clip On Grow Light

A little different than the other clip on grow lights, the Hygger light is intended for aquariums. It can be clamped to a surface up to 0.5 inches wide making it perfect for fish tanks or terrarium gardens. The neck is adjustable so the light can be focused to a specific section of the tank or spread evenly over the whole area. The two lighting modes allow you to have a daytime mode with white and blue lights or a nighttime mode using just the blue LEDs. This light has no red LEDs, making in unsuitable for some varieties of flowering plants.

Clip On Grow Lights Are a Low-Cost, Convenient Solution for Your Indoor Garden!

Any of these clip on grow lights can be the perfect lighting solution for your indoor garden. No matter what your budget, how little additional space you have, or how greedy your plants are for sunlight, a convenient grow light option is available.

One not enough? Many of these lights are affordable enough to grab a few and let them work as team to provide ample yet tasteful lighting for your vibrant indoor garden.


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