7 Must-Have Indoor Gardening Tools

7 Must-have Indoor Gardening Tools

Like any hobby, indoor gardening can take on a life of its own.  Unique to every individual gardener, the indoor gardening tools and supplies used to boost a grow room or gardening space can range from simple to fancy and often merge both form and function.

There are indoor gardening tools to test soil and water levels, tools to get you organized, and tools that give your plants some extra TLC.  Some supplies just help put a smile on a gardener’s face while they tend to their herbs, fruit, veggies, and botanicals.

One of the biggest draws to indoor gardening is that it can be started and maintained in a way that fits most any budget. As long as a gardener has patience, determination, and a bit of ingenuity, a cozy indoor grow room or garden can be started with a $100 budget or less. Indoor gardening can also be an enjoyable experience for people of any age, including kids!

In this article, we will share some nifty indoor gardening tools that are essential to keeping a happy garden and a happy gardener.  And if you are happy while tending to those plants, then everybody and every plant wins! All the supplies listed have at least a 4-star rating on Amazon as well.

1. A Watering Can

Watering Can Gardening Tool

This sounds quite obvious, but a good quality watering can is one of a gardener’s best friends.  Bonus points if it has an amazing design as well! A watering can should feel comfortable in your hands and not too heavy for you to carry throughout your grow space.  You’ll want it to have a spout that is long enough to water down deep without you having to bend over too much (your back will thank you).  There is a plethora of sizes and designs, even ones that are kid-friendly in design and function. Whether you select beautiful copper, sturdy resin, or classic metal, a well-made watering can will keep your thirsty plans well-hydrated.

2. Pruning Shears

Garden Pruning Indoor Gardening Tools

You’d be surprised at how many gardeners forget to consider pruning shears as they set up their indoor garden.  Shears are used for cutting and trimming dead or dried out branches (usually these are anvil shears) and for cutting flowers or soft branches without harming plant tissue (bypass shears). Bypass pruning shears make cleaner cuts and allow closer cuts than anvil shears, but anvil shears have their place when it comes to doing the tough work of removing dead plant material.   With proper care, shears can last for years and become an essential tool for every gardener. Select shears that feel comfortable in your hands to reduce fatigue (you can even purchase left-hand, ambidextrous shears, or smaller ones for kids).

3. A Gardening Tester/Meter

Indoor Gardening Soil Meter Tool

Gardening isn’t just fun but it’s also full of science and data! A handy gardening test kit or meter, can test moisture and sunlight level as well as pH value.  Accurate data like this helps you to maintain a much healthier and thriving garden and allows a gardener to be more proactive in their care of the plants. 

Beginner gardeners especially can benefit from a soil tester, as it will provide them with quick and easy guidance on moisture levels and sun exposure and will deter gardeners from over- or under-watering. Most test meters like this can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants and allow a gardener to efficiently test every plant in a jiffy.  Kids who are into gardening tend to love testing and viewing the results as well, and it allows them to feel much more involved in the indoor gardening process.

4. Garden Tags/Stakes

Gardening Tags

Staying organized is key to a happy, healthy garden or grow room (and gardener).  It’s easy to forget which plant you are growing, especially if you are growing from seeds or have many varieties of plants and herbs.

Reusable garden tags are a breeze to stick into any plant’s soil – just use a cleaning spray to wipe off any writing and start over.  Large garden tags also allow a gardener to write down any minor care notes about the plant. This is yet another excellent way to involve children in gardening, as many enjoy the process of labeling and learning about the plants. A hint: use a garden marker to prevent writing from fading or washing off in the rain.

5. A Gardening Tool Belt

Indoor Gardening Tools Belt

Feel official and stay efficient with a handy gardening tool belt.  The great thing about a tool belt is it conveniently places your most-used tools right at your fingertips. No more frantically searching for your shears, gloves, water bottle mister, or even your phone. Plus, a tool belt keeps tools secure so that they don’t slide out while you work in the garden. Improve your efficiency, keep your indoor gardening tools right in reach, and look good while doing it.

6. Digital Gardening Thermometer

Photo credit: Amazon.com

A little bit of technology goes a long way when it comes to indoor gardening.  Even simple tools like a digital thermometer for gardening give gardens peace of mind and allow them to tailor the care of their plants. With a digital thermometer, a gardener can always be aware of the important elements and air conditions that help create a healthy grow environment, such as humidity and temperature.  Digital thermometers have incredible accuracy so that you can be aware of any changes or fluctuations in your grow space or greenhouse. Know when your plants are happy – and when they aren’t – with a simple but effective tool like this thermometer.

7. Grow Lights

Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

One of the biggest appeals of indoor gardening is that plants can be grown in practically any indoor environment! Tools such as LED grow light kits make this possible, so a gardener can customize their grow room or grow space with the right amount of light for their plant varieties.  Whether you are growing succulents, veggies and fruits, or flowers, grow light strips can be easy to install and allow you much greater flexibility in your production. This grow light includes a specially-design light spectrum that promotes growth of germinating seeds as well. Don’t let rainy or cloudy days get you down when you can simply install grow lights to keep your plants healthy.

The world of indoor gardening is for everyone, regardless of budget, age, skill level, or experience. With the help of a few good, time-tested indoor gardening tools, your indoor garden can be blooming sooner than you imagine!


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