40 Instagram Accounts Every Plant Lover Must Follow

40 Instagram Accounts Every Plant Lover Must Follow

If you’re a plant lover and social media is an important part of your daily routine, why not combine your two passions and check out these 40 Indoor Plant Instagram Accounts You Must follow! If you’re anything like us, you’ll see that these are some of the most beautiful plant-focused accounts on Instagram worth following.

Plant Instagram Accounts
  1. @botanicalsandbillie

In this super cute account, Anne and her kitten who live in Barcelona, Spain, are determined to build their urban jungle and share their gorgeous plants to their followers and the rest of the world.

  1. @sweetyoxalis

Just search for #plantsmakepeoplehappy and you’ll find this concept store. Based in Paris, Justine has turned to Instagram to share her passion for plants and has made it her mission to show plants in their full glory as well as share tips on how to care for them.

Instagram Accounts About Plants
  1. @studio.roco

Originating in the UK, this Instagram profile was started by Rose and Caro. The pair are botanical designers, and they’re the authors of House of Plants as well as Root Nurture Grow. With beautiful plant images and some excellent decorating ideas, this is an account worth following.

  1. @boyswithplants

The Boys With Plants Instagram feed will give you stunning pictures of plants…with boys. With 210k followers, this account is full of #plantporn and has become so popular that they’ve published two books of their most popular images.

Plant Instagram Accounts to Follow
  1. @tropicaloco

If you need design ideas and inspiration, then Tropica Loco is the page to follow. This account showcases some of the most beautiful tropical plants that are used to the warmer climates of the south.

Plant Instagram Accounts
  1. @epicgardening

After starting his website on epic gardening in 2013, Kevin Espiritu has reached millions of gardeners in more than 100 countries. What began as a hobby is now a whole empire of content — from video tutorials to blog posts, he has shared an endless amount of information with people all over the world.

  1. @houseplantclub

With close to 1 million followers on Instagram, Erin Harding and Morgan Doane have all the knowledge and understanding of what plants want and how to share it with others. Their book, How To Raise A Plant And Make It Love You Back encapsulates this and as a result, have captivated both beginners and experts alike.

  1. @theplantsociety

Chasing their passion to make the city of Melbourne, Australia greener, Nathan Smith, and Jason Chongue established The Plant Society in August 2016. Since then, they have expanded their empire to include a flagship retail outlet, two books, and tons of custom-designed gardening products.

Instagram Accounts about Plants
  1. @francflowers

This one isn’t actually a “plant” profile, but it is just too gorgeous not to include in your must-have list of inspiration. Their arrangements aren’t only stunning, but they’re also extraordinary, and manage to capture their impeccable style and the exceptional beauty of their flowers.  

  1. @tulahouse

While it may not be our usual sunshine and daisies, this page certainly feeds our need for soothing and relaxing plant photos. Tulahouse offers spectacular imagery, making it so easy to lose hours and hours just by staring at their wall.      

  1. @plantuiofficial

On their website Plantui says they are a Finnish biotech company solving tomorrow’s food challenge by enabling sustainable hydroponic growth. But their Instagram feed is a lot more interesting than that. Be sure to check them out!      

Plant accounts on Instagram
  1. @asucculentday

Heads up all succulent lovers, this is the ultimate page for all your needs! Martha — an artist and plant designer — specializes in succulent arrangements around the home, so you can get fresh ideas and make your home as lovely as it can be. 

  1. @plantsindecor

If you’re on the lookout for #interiordesignideas to keep you inspired and help you arrange plants inside your home, then @plantsindecor is the perfect place to get ideas. Here, they combine outdoor plants and installations with indoor gardens to create truly marvelous masterpieces. 

  1. @freedomandsimplebeauty

If you prefer having simplicity in your home, then the cute concrete planters they offer might be a good fit for you. Their adorable and tiny planters will certainly add a wow factor in any home while making you want to make some of your own.

Instagram Plant Accounts
  1. @home.wilderness

This is a beautiful Instagram feed from Australia. Décor ideas using indoor plants are plentiful on this page, and you’ll find some helpful tips as well. You might even win something from this account, as they sponsor giveaways from time to time!

  1. @leafandjune

When it comes to interior design ideas and plant design, Lisa knows her stuff. This interior plant designer not only has an account filled with plants, but she also shares tips and tricks to her 13k+ followers.

  1. @momagency

With close to 90k followers, this self-proclaimed “plant hoarder” is an expert when it comes to creating a balance between plants and interior design. Her work on interior house plants never disappoints and can provide us with hours of pure relaxation.

  1. @plantsandcollecting

Seija is the plant-lover behind this page, taking all of her own pictures after being a plant-lover her whole life. Her home simply explodes of plants and looks more like a jungle rather than a modern home, but every bit of it is full of love.

  1. @littleandlush

Anna, who lives in Sweden has given us a haven full of pretty plant images combined with a minimalist design — there’s no wonder people have found themselves staring at her page. Her stunning pictures of monstera variegata are some of the best on Instagram.

  1. @drawingplantlady

This account offers something a little different — while it still showcases beautiful flowers and plants, many take the form of drawings. Kelly perfectly captures all the vibrance and life that plants have, making us wish that we could have some of her work up on our own walls.

  1. @arianatanabe

Ariana and her cat both share a love of plants. Her account is minimalistic and bright, where she provides her followers with instructions on how to style and introduce a bit of greenery into our homes.

  1. @sarahkbenning

Sarah is a stitch artist who has created this stunning studio to celebrate plant life through her artwork. Her originality and creativity will surely inspire you to spruce up your own workspace while getting lost for hours admiring her work. 

  1. @thesill

This page is packed with lush greenery, which brings into mind their motto of “plants make people happy”. It also showcases stunning plant styling and peaceful views, and believe us, after having a look through their collection, you’ll want to head for the nearest plant nursery. 

  1. @houseplantjournal

Darryl Cheng has built this account on the foundation of having a few well-placed plants and has since gathered an impressive 505k followers. His impeccable styling is sure to inspire you to style your own home with as many plants as you can get your hands on.

  1. @thepottedjungle

This San Diego based plant lover loves everything green and will stop as nothing to give us more pictures of plants in pots. What makes it so different though is the feeling of zen while scrolling through this account.

  1. @succulentcity

This is the largest succulent and cacti community on the internet, with 380k followers. Succulent City takes advantage of this by providing tips, tricks, inspiration, and guides, while every photo serves as eye candy for every plant lover.

  1. @earthychildren

Dedicated to plants and indoor styling, Earthy Children shows it’s 290k followers how to live a green life. They show off plenty of beautiful living rooms and bedrooms while providing us with many styling ideas we can use in our own homes.

  1. @hiltoncarter

A plant and interior stylist, Hilton Carter is always on the lookout for the most creative and stunning ways to tell a story through plants. He is an expert in creating a relaxing ambiance — his account serves as proof of this.

  1. @idrinkandgrowthings

This page by Eunice Hernandez just shows how much she loves houseplants, as it showcases the best greens we’ll ever see anywhere on Instagram. From potted beauties to elegantly styled shelves, she knows how to make a plant stand out.

  1. @still_______

This page by Janneke Lurrsema can be mistaken as a museum full of intricately taken photographs of house plants. Her feed highlights just how enchanting, sophisticated, and wondrous a plant can be, as well as how they can add a layer of peacefulness to our homes.

  1. @olivra.houseplants

This Instagram account gives you an immediate peaceful vibe that’s so inviting. Their feed shows a collection of photographs with the most beautiful plant styling on the internet today.

  1. @earthwindandcactus

With 117k followers, this account serves as a gateway to botanical curiosities while exploring the world of cacti. This page is also warm and inviting, and after looking at their images, you too will fall in love with cacti.

Plant Instagram Accounts
  1. @kim.wynn

Kim’s Instagram would make anyone want to get more and more plants for their home, because of all the inspiring and beautiful imagery she shares. Her page shows us just how powerful house plants can be when it comes to transforming a space.

  1. @huisje.plantje.beestje

Hanneke’s Instagram is bursting with life, showcasing numerous shades of green, different shapes of leaves, and also her cat. Once you see her page, you’ll be itching to get plants into your home out of sheer jealousy.

Instagram Plant Accounts
  1. @thejungalow

Justina Blakeney is a seriously talented designer from LA and has shared her account for drool-worthy pictures for us to check out every day for inspiration. She even has her own blog and an online shop to help us recreate the looks she creates in our own home. 

Instagram Accounts with Plant Images
  1. @urbanjungleblog

If you’re looking to get inspiration from the wild side, then this is the Instagram page you’ve been looking for. This amazing feed has nothing but gorgeous indoor plants from different parts of the world to offer. 

  1. @succulove

Another page dedicated to all succulent lovers, this page is pretty much full of nothing but this plant. Just a few minutes scrolling through this feed will convince you to drop what you’re doing and buy a succulent (or a billion) for your home.

  1. @theplanthunter

Georgina Reid, a plant enthusiast from Australia, has dedicated this Instagram account for its namesake, and popular book and online magazine, The Planthunter. To learn more about exotic and new plant species, follow this page.

Plant Accounts on Instagram
  1. @noughticulture

Alice Vincent, a journalist, started this page to give her followers practical tips and tricks to successfully navigate the world of urban gardening. Don’t worry, she’s an expert, so there’s plenty of advice here to keep your plants healthy and happy. 

  1. @plantsonpink

If you love plants and you love pink, this is one of the few Instagram pages that offer both. Lotte Van Baalen is a photographer who has been documenting images of her leafy plants arranged beautifully against pink backgrounds, creating eye candy for millennials everywhere. 

And that wraps up our mega list of the best plant-centric Instagram accounts. Do you agree with our list of the 40 Indoor Plant Instagram Accounts You Must follow? Feel free to like and share if you agree! If you know of any others, comment your favorite plant-centered Instagrams down below.


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