15 Plant Container Ideas for Every Décor

15 Plant Container Ideas for Every Décor

Are you looking for plant container ideas? You’ve come to the right place! There’s no denying that having a garden in your home has many benefits. A garden brings color and life and gives you a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy being close to nature. No matter how large or small your space is, you can have a beautiful garden with these plant container ideas!

Ready-made vs. DIY Plant Container Ideas

Amazon offers an immense selection of indoor containers that you can use right out of the box. It’s a good option for those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. You’ll find an abundance of beautiful indoor gardening containers for your home.

However, if you have some time to spare and want to be more creative, you can go the DIY route. There’s something satisfying about crafting a gorgeous indoor plant container that you can customize to your heart’s content. Plus, it’s always something you can show off to your guests!

Whether you choose a DIY gardening container or purchase something ready-made, selecting the perfect planter to match your home’s decor can tie together everything in a unique and eye-catching way.

15 Plant Container Ideas for Your Home

Rattan Plant Stand

1. Rattan Plant Stand

What it is: a rustic-looking, rattan plant stand, in which you can place just about any pot. Rattan is a popular choice for indoor plant décor because the woodsy and earthy colors bring a touch of the outdoors into your home space. The stand also gives height to your plant!

Plants it’s good for: this planter is perfect for low-growing plants such as pothos or philodendron.

2. Mid-Century White Pot & Stand

What it is: when it comes to plant container ideas, this combination is minimalist and straightforward. It’s no more than a pure-white pot and wooden stand. The clean lines make it a perfect addition for those looking for a modern aesthetic. And because of its simplicity, this container goes well with virtually any theme or décor because of this planter’s clean lines.

Plants it’s good for: the planter and stand have a bit of height. You can use them with plants like peace lilies or rubber plants to make them more visible.

Mid-Century Plant Container Idea
Stoneware Hanging Plant Container Ideas

3. Stoneware Hanging Planter

What it is: stoneware is an excellent choice for indoor gardening containers because of its austere and subtle colors. These planters are perfect for either modern or rustic themes! Hang them by a window, and you’ll have a beautiful space to drink your coffee while enjoying the morning sunlight.

Plants it’s good for: ferns and vines look gorgeous when placed in hanging planters. Maidenhair fern or string of pearls are solid choices, and if you want something more exotic, try a pitcher plant!

4. Bluetooth Speaker Flowerpot

What it is: who doesn’t love listening to music while working? With this flowerpot, you’ll listen to your favorite tunes, work, and enjoy a beautiful plant, all at the same time! For compact plant container ideas, this is an excellent addition to any area in your home. It’s attractive, and the clean white lines add a touch of beauty to any organized space.

Plants it’s good for: go for short and small plants, such as a Pilea or ZZ plant.

Plant Container Ideas

5. Grecian Bust Pot

What it is: the Grecian bust pot is the perfect addition for history buffs. It’s the ideal way to pay homage to your love of history and a great talking point for guests.

Plants it’s good for: use plants like philodendrons or rubber trees that grow upwards. This way, the facial features of the bust are not obscured.

6. Copper Plant Pot

What it is: contrasting colors are always a great way to add texture to any décor. And with the copper plant pot, you’ll also add warmth and shine. This pot is an excellent addition to any home with metallic finishes or open layouts.

Plants it’s good for: plants with bright green or shiny hues play beautifully against the sheen of the copper. Consider a philodendron or bird’s nest fern.

Self watering container idea

7. Self-Watering Flowerpots

What it is: for anyone with a busy life who wants to keep plants at home, these pots are fantastic. They are simple, clean, and minimalistic while offering the convenience of self-watering. They make beautiful additions to any décor, and they take some of the work out of plant care.

Plants it’s good for: water-loving plants such as aloe vera and peace lilies are the best choice for self-watering pots.

8. Bookend Planters

What it is: Are you a booklover and a plant lover? Now you can have the best of both worlds with bookend planters. Use them to spruce up any room where you want to show off your plants and your incredible book collection.

Plants it’s good for: low-growing plants like pothos or spider ferns add life to bookshelves without obscuring your favorite books.

9. Terrarium Planter

What it is: if you have pets or small kids, terrariums are great for keeping plants safe. Plus, you still have all the benefits of an indoor garden. Terrariums are perfect for rustic or farmhouse décor.

Plants it’s good for: friendship plants, watermelon peperomia, or baby tears plants all thrive inside terrariums.

Plant Container Ideas with DIY Elements

10. Decorative Box Planter

What it is: if you want to express your creative side, a decorative box planter is a great solution! You can decorate it any way you like. Paint it in the same motif as your home or add unique accents. The sky is the limit with decorative box planters.

Plants it’s good for: you can use virtually any indoor plant with a box planter. It just depends on the size and height of the container. For tall and narrow planters, snake plants or dumb canes are great choices. If you have a narrow, trough-like planter, you can use it for ZZ plants or succulents.

11. Sack Planters

What it is: for those with a rustic or farmhouse motif, a sack planter is an excellent addition. Sack planters have a natural look that you can’t get with other containers. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly. What’s more, they’re also versatile. You can place them on the floor or desk or hang them up by your window. No matter how you look at it, using sack planters is a win!

Plants it’s good for: this will depend on the size of the sack you use. For small or hanging sacks, consider pothos or air plants. If you’re using large sacks, dracaena or ZZ plants are great choices.

12. Succulent Bowl

What it is: have you noticed that succulents are all the rage these days? Well, if you want to get in on the trend, a succulent bowl is the perfect way to start. You can place them on your coffee table or a shelf for a pop of color in any room.

Plants it’s good for: go for succulents that do well indoors, such as Crassula, Haworthia, or Gasteraloes.

Vertical planter container idea

13. Vertical Planter

What it is: do you have a small indoor space? Well, never fear! The vertical planter is a great way to add some color to your home without sacrificing your space. Place them behind doors or against brick walls for a splash of color and life.

Plants it’s good for: go big with the plant colors in your vertical planter! Nerve plants have gorgeous patterns on the leaves, while the bird’s nest fern features beautifully-textured leaves.

14. Shoe rack Herb Garden

What it is: do you love cooking with fresh herbs? Do you have an old shoe rack in your home? You can bring these two things together and create a shoe rack herb garden! Repaint the shoe rack any color you want, and place potted herbs along the shelves. You’ll create an instant mini-herb garden in your home. Make sure to put it in an area with a lot of morning sunlight, as herbs love the morning sun.

Plants it’s good for: it’s easy to care for most herbs. Start with soft herbs, such as basil, peppermint, and dill. Once you know how to care for herbs, you can move on to woody herbs such as rosemary and tarragon.

Plant container ideas - shoe rack
Plant Pocket Container Ideas

15. Plants in Pockets

What it is: another great way to upcycle is to use old door pocket organizers. Think about it; they’re individual pockets that you can transform into plant holders! This indoor container is suitable for most motifs. Just be sure to line the pockets to avoid water damage.

Plants it’s good for: these planters cannot handle heavy plants, so small plants such as herbs work best.

Plant Container Ideas – The Wrap-up

A small indoor space is no reason not to have a garden. With creativity and imagination, you can transform virtually any space into an indoor garden that matches your home’s décor. We hope these plant container ideas sparked your imagination!


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