11 Types Of Indoor Gardeners – Discover Your Green Thumb Identity

11 Types Of Indoor Gardeners - Which One Are You

In the ever-evolving world of indoor gardening, where new plant species and gardening innovations bloom continuously, we’re revisiting our beloved compilation of types of indoor gardeners. (Rest assured, our approach is more fun than scientific!)

Ever heard of a “Phytophile”? It may sound like a creature from ancient lore, yet it’s a spirit found in many of us—a deep-seated love for plants. In the modern jungle of our living spaces, where greenery and blooms create sanctuaries, we all find our unique way to connect with nature. Let’s dive into the diverse ecosystem of indoor gardeners, identifying which one resonates with you.

Common Types Of Indoor Gardeners

Walking through a plant nursery or browsing a plant lovers’ Facebook group, you will come across many types of people who are bonded by their green thumbs. So, what are the various types of indoor gardeners?

The Hoarder

They just hoard plants! They want to have as many varieties as possible, often filling every shelf and table in their space with plants. You will find every species in their homes, ranging from Darcena to Aloe Vera. Their motto is “Let’s have them all”. These plant lovers want to nourish every plant and try to grow everything. For this reason, they are living, breathing plant encyclopedias; so if you want to know about any plant, The Hoarders are are a good bet. However, insane numbers of plants makes it almost impossible for them to care for each plant. Thus, don’t be surprised if you find a plant wilting and withering in some dark forgotten nook of their home.

The Instagrammer

The Instagrammers are green-influencers whose love for plants is depicted on their Instagram feed, chock full of plant pictures. They will have a “Plant-lover” label in their Instagram bio for sure. Whatever the occasion is – whether their English Lilies just started blossoming or they just bought a new Flaming Katy – the first thing they want to do is snap a picture and post it for the world to see. And of course the comments will flood in with awes and wows, because their followers share their love for plants.

The Instagrammer: Types of Indoor Gardeners

The Minimalist

Minimalists like everything neatly placed in its place. Their love for simple things means that their favorite indoor plants will either be a miniature tree, like Fiddle Leaf fig, or some herb. They will have small, minimalist pots and plant-lights, and their house will always welcome you with elegance and cleanliness.

Types of Indoor Gardeners: The Minimalist

The Expert

The experts might not have a doctorate in botany, but their love for plants means that they are the Mr./ Ms. know-it-all when it comes to indoor gardening. Every conversation with an Expert will begin and end with plants. You’re having breathing problems? They will suggest you Devil’s Ivy. Just moved into a new house? They’ll tell you all the new plant varieties you should keep. They may not have a solution for every problem, but they will surely try to recommend you a plant for every problem.

The Expert: Types of Indoor Gardeners

The Utilitarian

“I want a plant for decoration.”

“Sure, but wouldn’t you rather have plants you can use for cooking, medicine, and millions of other uses?” says the Utilitarian.

That is how every conversion with The Utilitarian indoor gardener takes place. They are a big fan of edible indoor plants like tomatoes, figs, lemon plants and maybe mushrooms too (Yes, technically mushrooms are not plants. But they are useful, so the utilitarian will include them). They will suggest you air-purifiers and fragrant plants so you can use them in place of store-bought air fresheners, and every meal at their house includes a salad from their indoor gardening efforts.

Indoor gardener types: The Utilitarian

The Health Nut

We know that plants have a lot of medicinal uses, but the health nuts are just crazy about it. Health nut gardeners will have a specific plant for every malady out there, ranging from common coughs to cancer. They can suggest you a plant for any disease you describe. They also keep a lot of medicinal plants in their homes, as well as healthy plants to eat. Their favorites usually include chamomile and Echinacea. The Health Nut will also want you to know that any indoor plant has numerous positive psychological and physical effects on your health.

The Health Nut: Indoor gardener types

The City Dweller

Their small studio apartments in tall sky-scrappers do not stop the city-dwellers from growing their favorite indoor plants. They will not only suggest you hardy and low-maintenance plants which can thrive on low-sunlight and minimal care, but also they will tell you numerous ways to decorate your house with plants. From urban foraging to guerilla gardening, they know all about growing indoor plants in a busy city. They are big fans of raised planters and plant hangers.

Indoor gardener types

The Determined

The determined gardener loves plants and swears he/she will have a house full of healthy, thriving plants some day! Alas, they may kill plants one after another – not because of their fault, but because that’s just who they are as a gardener. Determined Plant lovers will choose newer species every time, hoping that it will survive longer than its predecessor. They will sign up on plant-care newsletters and buy all the decorative planters and related accessories because they believe that love has no cost.

Types of indoor gardeners

The Beginner

The beginner has just entered this new, exciting world of gardening. Although it is an uncharted territory, s/he wants to own most of it. Beginners will start with some easy growing succulent varieties, but are determined to make their way to the top of the chain one day.

Type of indoor gardener: The Beginner

The Non-Gardener

The non-gardeners isn’t likely to read this, so we can kind of make fun of them a little bit. 🙂 They may love indoor plants, but they aren’t about to care for them themselves. If they have plants in their home, they are either silk, plastic, or cared for by a professional. You can confirm a person is a non-gardener if he/she gives you a blank stare when you ask them gardening questions.

The non-gardener

Jane of the Jungle

Janes (or Georges) of the Jungle are people who like all the wild species and have a desire to grow exotic plants, which no one else has grown in their vicinity. If you see someone at a plant nursery asking the perplexed owner about some exotic species of plants, you have met a Jane. They love creepers and vines more than regular potted plants and want their home to be jungle-like.

Jane of the Jungle type of indoor gardener

Which of These Types Of Indoor Gardeners Are You?

The plant-lovers community is diverse, and there are many other Types Of Indoor Gardeners which might not fit into any of these categories. Tell us about your experience with different types of indoor gardeners on our social media channels.


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