10 Indoor Garden Design Ideas to Inspire You

10 Indoor Garden Design Ideas to Inspire You

Indoor garden design ideas can come from many sources of inspiration. Here are 10 of our favorite ideas for indoor garden design. We hope this list inspires you to create some fantastic indoor garden designs.

Vertical Garden

Indoor garden design ideas

Looking for a stunning way to bring nature into your home decor? A vertical garden, or living wall, is the perfect way to do just that. These beautiful displays require a bit of work to construct, but they can completely transform any wall into an eye-catching display of greenery. Whether you want to create a towering garden along an entire hallway, or simply add a small strip of plants to fill an empty wall space, a vertical garden is the perfect choice for any home.

Vertical walls can be achieved with a trellis, vertical wall planters, or a custom made framework of nutrients and irrigation. When choosing a spot for your vertical garden, consider how much light your plants will need. If that location doesn’t receive enough natural light, consider a variety of plants that thrive in low light. Alternatively, use grow lights as part of your garden’s design.

Indoor Garden Design Ideas for a Bathroom Garden

bathroom garden ideas

Constructing an indoor garden in your bathroom is the perfect way to transform your bathing space into a tropical oasis. If you enjoy relaxing in a long hot bath, there’s nothing more calming than surrounding yourself with lush vegetation. The warm, moist atmosphere created by steamy baths and showers is ideal for any tropical species that crave humidity. This type of design is not appropriate for species of plants sensitive to moisture and prefer more arid climates.

Wall Planters

wall planters

Low on space? Wall planters can provide you with all the room you need to grow a full, luscious indoor garden. Wall planters can be found in any style, allowing you to match your indoor garden theme to your current decor. Rustic farmhouse style planters are always popular, as well as the completely minimalistic look. For a unique approach you can even grow your plants hydroponically using glass planters.

Glass Terrariums

Indoor garden design ideas: glass terrariums

Terrarium gardening creates tiny, contained worlds within a small glass environment. These mini gardens can be absolutely enchanting. But it’s important to consider what you’ll be growing in your terrarium. Decide if an enclosed glass case is the correct environment for your plants. Terrariums often do not have any drainage holes. Keep this in mind if you’re growing a type of plant that doesn’t like to sit in, wet soil. If you’re precise with your watering skills, you can avoid issues that come with a lack of adequate drainage. There are many beautifully made terrariums that can act as an elegant home to your indoor plants.

Hydroponic Garden

hydroponic gardens

If you’re a results-oriented person and enjoy seeing thick, gorgeous foliage, a hydroponic grow system might be perfect for you. Hydroponic gardens are incredibly efficient and provide maximum growth in the shortest amount of time. With the right setup, you can create a garden of healthy plants, while enjoying a pleasing display of lush vegetation. A hydroponic system is especially ideal for an indoor vegetable garden. It can look wonderful with thick bunches of fresh lettuce, cabbage, or basil.

Indoor Garden Design Ideaus Using Living Pictures

Indoor garden design ideas: living picture

Living pictures are an interesting way to display your plants, especially your succulents. You can purchase a premade frame and simply fill it with the plants of your choosing. Alternatively, you can build your own living frame and customize it to the perfect size, shape, and design. If you’re handy with a hammer, consider building a shallow wooden box. Cover it with a wire screen and attach any old picture frame. You can then fill the box with peat moss and soil and plant your succulents into the wire frame. Using a variety of species will create a colorful tapestry of many different shapes, sizes, and textures.

Hanging Baskets

hanging baskets for indoor plants

Hanging baskets are a great way to display your plants if you want to keep your floors and counters clear. They also work as an excellent accent to an established indoor garden. They can create a floor to ceiling presence of nature. It’s important to choose hanging baskets that don’t have drainage holes, or at least have drainage plugs. If you’re using them indoors, this will prevent excess water dripping onto your floors. You can hang glass terrariums, basic black planters, or use macrame hangers to hang any style pot you choose.

Herb Garden

Indoor garden design ideas: herb garden

Growing a windowsill herb garden in your kitchen can be as functional as it is refreshing. The delicate green leaves of many different herbs lining your windowsill can be incredibly beautiful. It can also be delightful to have fresh herbs only an arm’s length away when you’re preparing your homemade specialties. With enough sunlight and windowsill space you can even grow some tomatoes or chili peppers in your indoor garden.

Matching Pots

matching pots for indoor plants

Whether plain white, terra cotta, or an array of wacky colors, planting different plants in matching planters can look fantastic. Choose a set of plant pots that all share the same design but come in a range of different sizes. This creates a visually intriguing theme throughout any room. You could try different colors in the same style or different styles but of all the same color. Placing plants close together and tying your whole indoor garden together with one matching element can create an attractive display.

Indoor Garden Design Ideas for a Cactus Garden

Indoor garden design ideas: cactus garden

Cacti come in every shape and size, from thick and round to long, thin, and creeping. They can bloom magnificent flowers or sport the strangest hairs and spikes. An indoor garden filled with an array of different cacti species creates an exotic environment of a desert oasis. Cacti don’t need to be watered often, and some species can survive in low light. This makes them an excellent, low maintenance choice to grow indoors.

Indoor gardens can create an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty. With the right plants and creative design, you can achieve any environment, from rustic to tropical, or completely Zen. Having a few plants in your home can really brighten up a room. Arranging them with a specific style in mind can utterly transform your decor. Think about what you can do with your space. Then, decide what types of plants you like the best, and redecorate with some vibrant greens and gorgeous foliage.


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