How do I plant a Hosta plant?

Before planting your Hostas, be sure to prepare a suitable pot and the right soil as outlined above. Once you’ve done this, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Purchase your Hosta as a potted plant in springtime. You can also buy it as a bare-root division that’s dormant.
  2. Plant your Hosta in the growing season. They will need extra attention for their watering needs.
  3. Start by placing your Hosta inside a planting hole. Ensure that the crown of your plant sits evenly with the surrounding soil. Moreover, the growing tips need to be left visible at the soil’s surface.
  4. If you opt to purchase potted Hostas, plant them on the same level as the soil inside the pot.
  5. Make sure that the soil you use is damp around the plant. Give it water until the soil is moist.
  6. Put your plant in an area with bright, indirect sunlight but be sure not to place it in direct sunlight.
  7. If the soil feels dry, be sure to give your plant some water. Keep in mind that they prefer moist soil, not soggy soil. Keeping them happy with their water levels will ensure that they don’t die of hot summer temperatures. 
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