What do I need to look out for with my Hosta plant?

One of the biggest challenges when caring for Hostas is having to maintain the right amount of moisture. Give it too much water, and it could get root rot. Give it too little, and it won’t grow properly. You may need to consider using an irrigation system to control how much water your plant gets.

You’ll also need to mind the weather with this plant. The Hosta is different from other indoor plants — they require a period of dormancy as they grow. As such, they need to be outside when there are colder temperatures. If you prefer to keep them indoors, you can simulate these conditions by putting them in a cold, dark space. Keep them within temperatures under 40 degrees F.

Your Hosta plant can keep growing in a big container for three years, but check it during spring. Ensure that the roots aren’t escaping through the drainage holes and not being packed on the sides. If you see this problem, it’s time to re-plant your Hosta in a bigger pot than the last one.

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