What are the different types of grow medium that I can use?

There are seven different types of grow medium you can use in your indoor garden:

  • Rockwool

You have to make sure this is pH balanced before using. One of the most commonly used grow mediums, Rockwool, is a porous medium made of rocks.

  • Oasis cubes

Unlike Rockwool, you don’t have to presoak oasis cubes. You can use this grow medium for seeds and cuttings. It’s commonly used for germination.

  • Expanded clay pebbles

This grow medium is the best choice if you want to invest in your herb garden for the long term. Once you’ve harvested your plants, you can clean and reuse the clay pebbles for your next batch of crops.

  • Coco Fiber

Made from coconut husks, this grow medium is steadily becoming more popular among hydroponic growers. It retains moisture well and provides excellent airflow to the roots.

  • Perlite

Perlite is a type of volcanic glass that pops when heated. It provides excellent airflow to the roots and better water drainage. Expensive and reusable, most growers mix perlite with vermiculite to produce more outstanding results.

  • Vermiculite

This is a type of mineral rock. Vermiculite works great in retaining moisture. In contrast to perlite, which can’t hold water well, this grow medium retains too much moisture. The high amount of moisture vermiculite retains is often unhealthy for roots. To counteract this, growers often mix vermiculite with perlite.

  • Rock

If you’re growing a more extensive garden, rocks can be the best grow medium for you. Easy to come by and relatively cheap, stones work well with different hydroponic systems. However, you have to mind the heat. The sun or any light source can heat the rocks, raising the temperature of your nutrient solution.

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