What are the different varieties of spider plants?

Spider plants come in a variety of cultivars and species, some of which are unique, while others are common:

  • Bonnie: This spider plant comes with a quirk — it has curly leaves! This one is an excellent choice for those wanting to place a statement piece inside their home. You may also hang these plants outside on the patio to create a beautiful look.
  • Ocean: The ocean variant is a newer cultivated plant and a more compact spider plant than the others. It has a spiky appearance due to its shorter and broader leaves.
  • Variegatum: These plants display elegant leaves that stretch up to 16 inches long. It carries a reversed pattern of markings compared to the “Vittatum” variety. It can also handle direct sun and won’t produce a heavy load of offsets like other spider plants. The variegatum is also known for winning the Award for Garden Merit in 1993 from the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • Vittatum: This variant is the most summon kind of spider plant. It has the well-known appearance of pale green margins and a white stripe at the center of its foliage. Like its cousin above, it also won the Garden Merit Award in 1993 from the Royal Horticultural Society.

If you find any of these plants to be the next addition to your home, look for pests first. It’s also best to make sure that it has a big enough pot to encourage growth. Doing these steps will ensure that you will have a smooth and easy time growing your spider plant.

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