Once verified that my violets are edible, what should I make?

Violets are abundant in vitamins A and C, making them excellent additions to many dishes.

Add them raw to salads as a colorful garnish, or mix them in soups for a twist in flavor. Some people make syrups with violets soaked in them, but this takes practice to perfect. You may also incorporate them in baked goods to help bring out their flavor more.

If you want to brew them into tea, gather the flowers first and let them dry in the sun. Once completely dried, steep them in boiling water. You can also crush the dried flowers first and place them in tea bags. Do this before soaking the bags in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

You can use freshly-picked violets for meat, stuffing, or cake decorations. You can combine the essence while adding a depth of flavor to desserts such as creams and soufflés. As for the leaves, you may treat them as leafy vegetables and cook them accordingly.

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