What kinds of bromeliad can I plant?

Some of the most common kinds of bromeliads grown as houseplants include:  

  • Guzmania: This species exhibits flat, long, and glossy green leaves. Their blooms will last and can provide your home with a splash of color for up to four months. Some of the available colors are bright red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple.
  • Ananas comosus “Champaca”: A variety of this species, A. Comosus “Champaca,” is used as an ornamental pineapple and can be grown indoors. It features spidery leaves and a miniature pineapple at the top of the flower’s spike.
  • Neoregelia: These are often used as houseplants with colorful bracts, ranging from deep purple to bright pink. They can come as miniatures that are no more than an inch across. Other variants can grow as big as 40 inches wide with flat, short rosettes of leaves.
  • Vriesea: While not as common as other bromeliads, other popular varieties include the hybrid Vriesea “Fireworks” and V. splendens. These plants typically feature tropical, variegated foliage with feather-like blooms.
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