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People with allergies or those who have friends and family that have allergies sometimes think that they cannot have plants. This is not true. There are plenty of plants out there that are very allergy friendly and we have compiled a list of those for you today.  The thing that plants do that makes people have allergies is that plants will help grow some sort of flowers and make pollen or they will have some type of spores in general that someone could be allergic to. All of the plants on the list today do not have any of that for you to worry about.


 These plants do produce flowers but they don’t flower in the sense that they have a bunch of big pollen going everywhere. Their flowers are so minuscule they are practically microscopic. They come on little rat-tail-looking flower spikes. You cut them off and throw them away. This will actually help preserve the plant’s energy and encourage growth.

 They don’t even look like flowers and a lot of people think that they are actually extra leaves for the plants until they are told it is a Peperomia flower spike. There have been multiple reports of those with very sensitive allergies to pollen being able to keep their Peperomia with flower spikes without issue.

The flowering cycle is pretty rare unless under optimal conditions so you don’t have to worry about that very much either. All you have to really worry about is that they like high humidity they don’t need a whole lot of light. Water sparingly. They can develop root rot if overwatered.


 These plants are well known for not flowering very often if at all. The majority of the philodendrons out there on the market do not even have the capability of flowering. They are propagated via cutting or cloning. Most of them wouldn’t flower in a home environment anyway unless you have epic perfect greenhouse conditions.  That is the only way you would get the wild varieties out there that still have the capability of flowering to flower at all.

Their leaves can get huge and because of this can hold dust. Because they are so glossy they can be sprayed down and wiped down regularly very easily. This way you can keep a very clean home if you’re very sensitive to dust allergies as well.

They are fantastic plants! Some examples of easy varieties include; Philodendron Burle Marx and the Philodendron Hederaceum.


Similar to the Philodendron, Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum) have those big glossy leaves that you can wipe down very easily. They can grow practically anywhere you want to put them. They are very easy-care plants that we would even recommend to beginners. Regardless of your situation, they are absolutely stunning plants and they grow so prolifically that it is always very rewarding to keep them. They also do not flower in cultivation.


 Another fantastic vining plant that will tolerate a variety of conditions is Scindapsus. The most popular variety you’re going to see is Scindapsus Argyraeus. It has little silvery blotches almost like speckles or spots. It does vary from a lot to a little in the other varieties depending on lighting and genetics.

You can get Scindapsus in a darker form or a lighter form. There are several varieties available. It just depends on what you prefer. Overall, just treat them like you would a Pothos or Philodendron.  Let them dry out and they do not need a lot of light just put them wherever you feel comfortable. They will thrive and tolerate it. Again no flowering and no producing of pollen.

ZZ plant

 Another plant that is perfect for homes with allergies is the ZZ plant. You can get The Raven ZZ, Chameleon ZZ, or Standard Green ZZ. All of them are beautiful plants and none of them flower.

They like to dry out quite a bit because they have these big bulbous roots. This is great so you do not have to worry about having a bunch of molds or mildews growing in your pots. They prefer not to be watered too often so it makes them very easy to care for and low maintenance as well.

If you are a low-energy plant parent these are fantastic for you. They do not grow very quickly but if you do want to propagate them you can via stem or leaf cutting and just root them in water.  They will grow a whole new plant for you this way.


If you are a plant parent that loves to water your plants a fittonia is going to be perfect for you! They love to have water. They can also handle lower light or higher light they come in a variety of colors as well. If you give them more light they are going to have more colors too much light can cause them to burn.

These plants are really great for humid homes and you can put them in a self-watering pot as well. Self-watering pots make them very easy to care for plants. It just depends on how you want to take care of them.

They very rarely if ever produce any flowers. Similarly to the Peperomia, when they do flower it’s small and they do not produce a lot of pollen. So minuscule that it should not affect allergies whatsoever. Like with the Peperomia you can also just chop off those little blooms. 

 You can also pinch them off before they even bloom it will not harm the plant anyway. They are also really great because they come in a variety of colors and textures while staying fairly small, unlike the other plants that we’ve mentioned on this list.

Though you have friends or family with allergies, you are not banned from plant collecting. House plant collecting is an amazing hobby! Having plants in a home just brings so much joy and this has been proven. Even with fake greenery in homes, there is a psychological improvement. Just having the idea of a plant in your home life is better and it is even more so when you have a real living plant. Hopefully, this list gives you a few more options to be able to do that.

Plants For People With Allergies

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