What kind of cuttings do I take from a rubber plant that has grown too big for my space?

For rubber plants, it is much better to air-layer the plant than to make cuttings, which will take a long while to develop. Air-layering is a method often used for propagating rubber plant, dracaena, dumb cane, monstera, croton, and other large plants. To make an air-layer, cut a notch in the stem 2 to 6 inches below the tip and brace the stem with a wood splint. Wrap the cut place in wet sphagnum moss and overwrap with polyethylene film. Remove film and wet the sphagnum often enough to keep it damp until roots develop at the cut. This takes eight weeks or so. Then remove the moss, cut off the stem below the roots, and pot the new plant in soil. You can also purchase an air-layering kit.

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