How are forced bulbs handled during their cold-storage period?

After bulbs are potted, the easiest method is to store them in a dark corner of a basement or garage, where the temperature is 35° to 45°F (it should not be warmer nor go below freezing). Cover the planted bulbs with burlap. Don’t let the soil dry out; keep it just slightly damp.

Another method is to set the pots in a 12- to 15-inch-deep trench with a bottom layer of hard cinders or gravel. Spread sand on top of pots to keep them clean. Then fill in around them with soil, mounding it over them. When the soil first freezes, cover it with hay or evergreen boughs to prevent further freezing.

A variation of the second method is to set pots outdoors in a box. Fill in around and over them with damp peat moss. Cover the entire box with a straw when freezing weather hits.

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