Indoor Plant Problems

Indoor Plant Problems

There are all kinds of potential indoor plant problems. These can range from browning leaves to pests, root rot, and more. So, our articles shed light on solutions for a number of troublesome plant problems. Also, be sure to check out our recommended products for many of these issues.

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Leaching Salts from Houseplant Soil – Lose the White Crust

Have you noticed that white crust in and around your plant pot or even worse on the plant itself? Over time the soil in potted houseplants develops salt buildup due to extra minerals left unabsorbed from water passing through them. Leaching salts from houseplant soil is the preferred method of removing salt buildup and involves …

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Hardy Indoor Plants for Someone Who Kills Everything

Hardy Indoor Plants for Someone Who Kills Everything

Ever once in a while, we buy plants for our homes or workplace. But after some time, plants die due to multiple reasons. Undoubtedly, it is heartbreaking for every plant-lover to see their beloved plant succumb to death despite all the care and efforts. If you are one of those people who seem to kill every indoor plant, you need to switch to resistant indoor plants which can withstand neglect and other damaging factors.

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