Indoor Garden Tools & Supplies

Indoor Garden Tools and Supplies

Some would say an indoor gardener is only as good as her/his indoor garden tools and supplies. In fact, we don’t know about that, we do know how important the right tools and supplies can be. So, our articles on this topic cover a wide range of products every indoor gardener should know about. Check them out. Then, you can decide how important they are to your gardening work.

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5 Best Low-Light Plants

Low-light plants are an absolute necessity for most plant collectors. The majority of plant parents do not have the ability to have a lot of natural light. They just do not have a lot of windows. If they have windows they are not very large or they are sharing windows with others. Another factor is

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6 Light Loving Plants

Most houseplants are actually considered low-light plants. Out in nature, most are found in the understory. They don’t need a lot of light and are chosen because most homes do not have a lot of light. These particular plants, however, need as much light as you can possibly give them. Put them up in those

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What is A Tower Garden?

Gardening is a passion for many people. Often, those who are elderly will take up gardening as a hobby. It has been said that the average age of the beginning gardener is around 40 years old.  But what if those who love gardening live in a small apartment or townhome without the yard space to

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