Houseplants To Grow With Kids
2 views · Jun 11, 2022
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There are a lot of adults out there grandparents, parents in general growing house plants. And as their children are being born and getting older we kind of want to introduce kids more to house plants. It can be a little tricky and a little difficult. You probably do not want to give your most precious plant baby to your most precious baby toddler who is probably going to drop it, chew on it, or do something really crazy that you can't really handle. So what I recommend as a parent is to give your kids plants for them to take care of themselves. Here are some plants that would do well in a child's care. 

:54 African Violets 
1:41 Coleus 
3:09 Calathea 
4:30 Spider Plants 
5:49 Terrarium Peperomia 
7:25 Fittonia 
8:38 Hoya Australis

Hopefully this gave you some ideas on how to interact with your children and plants. How to get kids into plants and just a couple of plant ideas for you and your children to both enjoy together.

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