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Soiless Potting Mix | Easy Alternative To Peat Based Potting Mixes | Great Mix for Aroids
330 views · May 28, 2022
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Most potting mix do not have any soil in them. Most mixes, including the potting mixes that you buy from your local stores, are going to be some type of peat based potting mix. It is going to be peat mixed with a couple of other things, usually perlite, and that is your potting mix. It actually doesn't contain any compost or any real soil.  These types of mix are also not very eco friendly. 

The soilless potting mix that we are going to be talking about today is a very basic peat free recipe. It is fantastic for plants like aroids. Philodendron are gonna love it Antherium, Epipremnum, and Alocasia are gonna love it.  

Part of owning plants is just the trial-and-error and learning what your plant is going to need and your unique ecosystem that you have created.

:23 Peat vs Sphagnum in a Soiless Mix
1:58 About This Soilless Recipe
4:24 Ingredients List and What they Do 
6:47 Ingredients Ratio

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