5 Easy Indoor Herbs
68 views · May 28, 2022
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Keeping herbs in your home is a timeless tradition and one of the first ways that houseplants were first brought into homes. A lot of people like to keep their herbs in their kitchen just because that is where they are most used.
 Herbs are specific plants that are chopped up sliced up and used in the cooking process or in order to spread some type of aromatic quality through candles or burning etc. throughout the home. Today we have 5 different very easy care Herbs for you so let's get into that.

There are lots of different kinds of herbs out there. This is just the few that we could pick that are readily available almost everywhere in the world for you. Hopefully it inspired you to bring some more kinds of greenery into your home, in addition to the general tropical house plants that we usually have. 

:49 Basil 
1:52 Mint
2:49 Lemon Balm
3:50 Rosemary
4:44 Cilantro

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