How to Know When to Repot Houseplants

Houseplants are plants raised indoors in spaces like homes, classroom environments, and offices, particularly for beautification and decoration. Ordinary houseplants are generally tropical or semi-tropical epiphytes, cacti, or succulents. They need the correct light levels, soil mixture, moisture, humidity, and temperature to survive easily. To thrive, houseplants need correct-sized pots, proper fertilizer, and the caretaker …

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How to Control Houseplant Pests

Your houseplants spend all their time within the comfort of your home, where the temperature, sunlight, and humidity may not be of the best quality. Without optimal conditions, your houseplants become easy prey for unwanted plant pests that maneuver their way into the comfort of your home. Pests don’t have any natural predators indoors, causing …

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