10 Most Popular Plants for Bedrooms in 2022


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10 Most Popular Plants for Bedrooms

Whether you are into styling with plants or just love plants so much that you want them to surround you 24/7 there is going to be a plant on this list for you today.

1. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

First up we have a classic;  spider plants. They have been a popular houseplant for 185 years and continue to be the number one houseplant.

 You get very big and very busy.  They are very easy to care for. You can neglect them and then they are really fun to grow because you can have the little spiderettes come down and make the plant look even bushier than it already is or you can take little propagations of them and grow more of them.

They are always growing and come in several varieties. You come in a green variety or you could have white with green stripes or green with white stripes. They are always a personal favorite especially for placing on a table or shelf.

2. Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

Next up we have another classic!  Monstera Deliciosa. This plant comes in a variety of sizes. You can get them with fenestrations or without. There are many Monstera but Monstera Deliciosa, in particular, is the one that you are going to see in bedrooms.

 You can grow very big very quickly but you can chop them and shape them to have them take up as much or as little space as you would like. They will take up a lot of vertical space because they are climbers. They do like to be on poles or boards but if you don’t let them they will creep and get wide instead. In this case, they will take up a lot of the horizontal space as opposed to the vertical space. They are definitely an imposing plant and they will let their presence be known.  They are normally the first plant you notice. The first thing you notice as soon as you walk into a room. Definitely a statement plant.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This next one probably comes as no surprise. Fiddle leaf figs can be found in almost every single photo if you Google bedrooms online. It does not matter what year. It had been 20 years and they are still in every single bedroom picture.  They are very popular. They even come in a smaller bambino form now so they do not grow too big. This way they do not take over the entire space.

 They are trees though so they definitely love lots of light. Water when dry and they are very easy to care plants for the most part as long as you water them regularly and give them as much light as possible. They are definitely a very popular classic-style plant that’s never going to go out of style. It has clearly been years and years and they are just going to keep on sticking around.

4. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

 Snake plants are also known as Sansaveria (reclassified to Dracena now) will always be around. They are generally very tall and vertical but you can get short stubby ones. They tend to go in the classic terracotta pots because they will rot if you give them too much water.

If you get the bigger ones they tend to go in decorative wicker baskets and take up a lot of floor space as well as the vertical space at the same time. This popular plant fits in a variety of different locations and is a slow grower so when you place it somewhere it is going to stay that size for quite a while. So it fits in a variety of different styles of rooms and a lot of different esthetics as well. Plus it is easy to care. 

5. Aloe


Another plant that tends to be in a terracotta pot and fits that kind of white, cream,  terracotta, and wicker aesthetic is going to be the aloe plant. They can get rather large rather quickly so don’t plan on this thing staying too small for too long unless you chop it back.

 If you get a medicinal aloe, it is also really great for cuts and bruises. So if you have children and you are a parent looking for a plant that does multiple purposes, as well as fits in aesthetics, then this is a golden plant to have.

 Also, it loves to dry out. You can just feel the leaves and if it gives a little bit and feels a little squishy instead of more firm then you go ahead and give it some water. They do grow in a rosette style growing from the center. So you can always see new little green growth peeking out from the center. Which is just really fun to watch.

There are certain varieties that are pokey though. They have their little spines on the side similar to cacti so you do want to be aware of that. The medicinal aloe does not have this and that is the one that I see the most often in these types of bedrooms.

6. Hoya


This one is for bedrooms with a lot of light. So if you have those big windows with the white flowing curtains this plant is going to do so well in there.

 Hoya’s in general, thrive in lots of bright light and you can get them in a pretty large pot for really in-expensive now. You can hang them either on your bed, on your windows, or on the walls, or they make really great statement pieces on bookshelves.

They will have really thick kind of succulent leaves. They like to dry out so you don’t have to water them all the time. This way if you’re laying there at the end of the day and you’re thinking “well I should water my plants”…this plant will be OK if you don’t. It will totally be fine.  Hoyas do not need a lot of water. Especially, the really popular more inexpensive varieties that are out in the big baskets nowadays. 

They can trail or they can climb and you can make them fit whatever aesthetic your room is going to need. As long as you give them enough light they will be happy.

7. Ceropegia Woodie

Ceropegia Woodie

 Speaking of plants that love light, String of Hearts(Ceropegia woodii) is a really popular plant now. It is a creeping, trailing, plant and it does not climb up. However, if you put it on a shelf or on the side of a nightstand it will grow out and drape down nicely.

 They are heart-shaped leaves. You can get them in a variegated variety or a solid variety. The variegated variety will have a cream coloration and get really really pink. A lot of folks seem to really love their bedroom aesthetic. Then you can also get silver and green which is the solid variety and it just looks amazing as well.

They are really popular plants that can grow very quickly. They love a lot of light. Let them dry out all the way and then give them more water. Because of these factors, they are definitely really easy-care plants.

8. Scindapsus


One that I have seen absolutely everywhere this year, is Scindapsus. They almost all have this silver sheen on them.  You can get the Scindapsus Trubii Moonlight with a lot of silver. Or if you like the green and silver there is one with what is almost like a Dalmatian speckle variegation pattern on the foliage. It is known as the Scindapsus Argyraeus and is really popular as well.

 Generally, Scindapsus are climbing plants or creeping plants. If they are out in nature they will actually shingle and as they climb up they flatten themselves on the trees. However, what we end up seeing in stores and in our homes the majority of the time is as a trailing plant.

Get the big baskets of them and you will have this glittery green foliage with the specks of silver. Then it will just trail on down or you can have it kind of climb up a wall if you want and it just looks really amazing.

Like the other plants on this list, they are really easy-care plants. Just let them dry out. You will see the leaves start to curl up and then you just want to go ahead and give them some water. Soak really well and then they will unfurl and flatten back out again to just be beautiful trailing plants.

9. Philodendron


Philodendron can come in these big bushy varieties. You can have a Lickety Split Philodendron or you could have one such as the Burle Marx. They both get really big foliage and then they take a lot of horizontal space up.

 Other popular Philodendrons are trailing Philodendrons like Philodendron Brazil, Philodendron Rio, and Philodendron Micans. They are all inner related and are all beautiful trailing plants. You can even get the Heartleaf Philodendron(Philodendron Hederaceum) basically the mother of all of them. The plant where all of these derived from.

I have mine climbing up but you can have them trailing as well. They do really well if they are allowed to climb and their foliage can grow larger. If they trail down the foliage grows smaller.

Generally, I see these trailing Philodendrons sitting on shelves and cascading down. I have seen that it is becoming very popular to use little stick-on hooks to help them climb up walls and ceilings. Seeing these plants climbing like this is absolutely stunning.

10. Palms


Palms are really popular this year as well. They generally are seen as these really big bushy plants but you can also find the smaller ones hidden on nightstands and little tables. You are also really great for bookshelves.

They do not need a lot of light. Generally, they would prefer more light over less light through. If you can give them a lot of sun they will be a lot happier for you. Especially these bigger plants.

This year I have been seeing these big Palms kind of placed in corners or on tables and they just add a presence. Similar to the Monstera Deliciosa, they are the first thing you look at when you enter a room.

Because Palms are a bunch of smaller leaves all layered together they add airiness and an extra layer of texture to any space. In a lot of cases, a large palm will be the only plant in the room and be the statement piece.

You can also find the smaller ones tucked on tables and shelves. They add a little extra greenery to a room. They do get bigger and bushier as they grow but they do not grow that quickly. So you do not have to worry about these smaller plants growing too quickly and taking up a lot of space too soon. However, if you get a bigger one then it is just going to grow much more quickly and get even bigger faster.

When taking care of your Palms make sure to let them dry out. They do not need a lot of water very often. Just make sure they get saturated when you do give them water. They do not require a lot of maintenance and are easy to care for. If it is a palm with a thick trunk like a Ponytail Palm then it will need water even less often while a thinner trunk palm like a Bella Palm will need to be watered a little more often.

These are all amazing plants that add a very unique presence to your bedroom and all are fairly easy-care depending on your environment. They also are all very popular this year and can be sure to keep you in style while enjoying your plants.


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